『 AN ENEMY ANNOUCEMENT』 is a high quality announcement video released by SiIvaGunner. The video was used to announce the album JOEJOE'S BIZZAERE JOJOKE (which was advertised as "7「STAND」DAD").

Content Edit

The video is a parody of a scene in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure episode "DIO's World, Part 2" in which DIO (the main antagonist) stops time. The original scene's Japanese audio is left unchanged, however the subtitles and visuals have been changed to memes of the SiIvaGunner channel.

Changes Edit

Transcript Edit

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Grand Dad: SiIvagunner! Stay back! Don't come near me!
Angry Joe: SiIvagunner... What perfect timing. But he's not quite in range. I'll deal with Grand Dad first.
Grand Dad: SiIvagunner! The secret of his Stand, Four Hours, is time! It's a Stand that stops ti-
Angry Joe: FOUR HOURS!
Angry Joe: At first, I could only review games that were good. But as the list of good games dwindled, I had to start scraping the bottom of the barrel. These awful games, filled to the brim with abysmal gameplay, and miserable campaigns. I couldn't take it much longer! As each game started to get worse and worse, I was running out of even the worst games to review. I was eventually forced to review terrible bootleg NES games.

And, at last, Grand Dad. The bane of my existance [sic]. You think that because you're a meme that you're invulnerable to my criticism, but it's useless to fight against Four Hours. EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! FLINTSTONES!

Grandson of Fred Flintstone, Grand Dad. It's time to give you, the review you deserve.


["Yes" by Roundabout plays as the end card is shown.]

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