"【届けて 】ゴマエ「シーバガンナ」ティザーPV" ("[Todokete] gomae `shībagan'na' tizā PV") is a high quality video by SiIvaGunner. It was used to end the week-long Good Night Break.

Content Edit

The video is a "trailer" for a new SiIvaGunner pachinko machine parodying KONAMI's 2015 promotional video "【PV】パチスロ「サイレントヒル」プロモーションムービー" ("【PV】 Pachislot "Silent Hill" Promotion Movie"). The original video ignited hatred towards KONAMI for not only cancelling a major Silent Hill game earlier that year, but also "reviving" the series as a pachinko machine.

The video itself begins with the dialogue from Love Live Season 2 Episode 9 (the episode in which the idols perform "Snow halation") while dramatic music plays. Several images appear as the video progresses, including SiIvaGunner's face, the GilvaSunner seal of quality (used on the albums), the white Grand Dad silhouette used in the cover art of Volume 1, and the cover art of Volume 3.

At 0:33, the dramatic facade is dropped with the words "Pachinko Machine!". The video's visuals become poorly-drawn and sloppy as the narrator continues shilling the pachinko machine. At the end of the video, it is revealed that the machine will be out December 22, 2010 in "Viva Rock Vegas" (a reference to The Flintstones and Las Vegas, Nevada).

The first music track that plays in the video is unknown, while the other two tracks are the rips Double Down - Sonic Lost World and PUSH START TO RICH - Dian Shi Ma Li.

Transcript Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The video was made by Triple-Q[1].
  • The title can be read as "[todokete]" gomae 'SiIvaGunner' teaser PV", with "todokete" being a lyric from "Snow halation" and "gomae" being a lyric from "GO MY WAY!!".

References Edit

  1. The rip is in Triple-Q's playlist of contributions.

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