"Alphys Takes Action - Alphys NEO" is a high quality rip from the Undertale fan-game Alphys NEO. Created by Blazephlozard, the fan-game has the player fight the character Alphys. The song is a remix of "Alphys", and is the sole track in the fan-game.

Jokes Edit

The rip has several segments where the melody of "Alphys Takes Action" is replaced by other songs. At 0:29, the "Meet the Flintstones" melody is played with the piano and brass. At 0:51, the brass plays the melody of "Snow halation". At 2:22, the "Megalovania" melody replaces the "Memory" lietmotif.

At 1:56 and 2:17, there is a slight distortion in addition to the original's. The rip is also more 8-bit than the original.

Note that several Undertale leitmotifs appear in the original remix.

Trivia Edit

  • Alphy's eyes move around in the video.
  • According to Blazephlozard, Alphys NEO is one of the reasons he was inducted into the SiIvaGunner team.
  • Luke Neujahr, the original remix's composer, worked with Blazephlozard on the rip.

References Edit

  1. Blazephlozard. "Alphys Takes Action". Soundcloud.

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