"Alphys Takes Action - Alphys NEO" is a high quality rip from the Undertale fan-game Alphys NEO. Created by Blazephlozard, the fan-game has the player fight the character Alphys. The song is a remix of "Alphys", and is the sole track in the fan-game.

Jokes Edit

The rip has several segments where the melody of "Alphys Takes Action" is replaced by other songs. At 0:30, the "Meet the Flintstones" melody is played with the piano and brass. At 0:51, the brass plays the melody of "Snow halation", followed by "Enemy Approaching" replaced by "Dogsong". At 1:18, "ASGORE" in the background is replaced with "The Next Episode". At 1:38 and beyond, the "Megalovania" melody replaces the remix's original leitmotifs, poking fun at the prevalence of Megalovania in Undertale fan remixes. The Flintstones melody can be subtly heard in many of the background instruments throughout.

Note that several Undertale leitmotifs appear in the original remix.

Trivia Edit

  • Alphys' eyes move around in the video.
  • Luke Neujahr, the original remix's composer, provided the stems and soundfonts, as well as gave final approval of the rip.
  • The rip was originally uploaded on the fan channel BrawIBRSTMs3, with a secret easter egg ending.

References Edit

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