Ancient Lore - Demigod is a high quality rip on the SiIvaGunner channel.

Contents of the ripEdit

The rip starts off normally, but fifteen seconds in, Graham (the VoiceForge text-to-speech voice used for The Voice Inside Your Head) speaks and announces the rip to be "lore". Several other voiceovers, representing YouTube commenters, then claim that various videos are "lore" for extremely superficial reasons. After three of these voiceovers, an imitation of talk show host Alex Jones speaks, rambling off various conspiracy theories created by him and "callers" (actually just more voiceovers) about SiIvaGunner "lore", which include mentioning the Illuminati, FEMA, and feminism. The Alex Jones parody continues until the end of the rip, where he puts the show under "full lockdown" after one of his callers is (presumably but most probably not) abducted by the Illuminati globalist feminist FEMA military.

This rip is a direct jab at the spamming of "LORE" in the comments of videos related to or posted after the High Quality Reboot, or comments in general that overanalyze every detail in a rip and claim that another reboot-esque event is going to happen just because of a minor detail, such as the usage of a meme that was used during the reboot or a glitch caused by YouTube that resulted in part of the thumbnails for some videos getting cut off. This rip is also a jab at Alex Jones.


Graham: Hello, this is Graham, a text to speech voice. But I also sound like "The Voice Inside Your Head". OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!! It's LORE GUYS! It's LORE!!!!!!1

Voiceover 1: OOO-WOAH WOAH GUYS! SiIvaGunner uploaded a video that's a minute late, so, it's gotta be lore, guys! IT'S LOOORE! AH!

Voiceover 2: Guys! Look, look! SiIvaGunner uploaded a video, and it's got, like, a little bit of a glitch on the right side! It's gotta be lore, guys! It's lore! Ah!

Voiceover 3: Woah, guys, in SiIvaGunner's latest video, he, he's got, like, a reboot sound in it, so, he-it's, it's not a joke, he's rea-he's rebooting! HE'S REBOOTING! AAH! IT'S LORE! [gibberish] LORE!

Alex Jones: [unintelligible] Info Wars radio show, I'm Alex Jones. As you know, SiIvaGunner's been doing some suspicious things lately. He's been using The Nutshack more in his rips, and [ahem] I personally think that, uh, FEMA camps, FEMA feminist globalist camps are behind this, [unintelligible, the phrase "super baby method" can be made out], and I personally think that the Illuminati military is out to personally put fluoride in SiIvaGunner's rips so that they can turn him into a Nutshack agent. Ah, yes, ah, yeah, we've got a caller on the line. Uh, hello? You're on the Alex Jones show...

SmokyThrill77: Hi, hello, my name is SmokyThrill77, and I just wanna say that I am a big fan of your conspiracy theories, Alex Jones!

Alex Jones: Why thank you, ma'am, that means a lot to me, so, uh, what is your stance on this possible SiIvaGunner reboot lore theory conspiracy?

SmokyThrill77: Well, yesterday at Wal-Mart, I saw SiIvaGunner himself, and he was walking, and he was limping a little bit. I think that, uh, globalist feminist FEMA camp Illuminati camps are out to get him, and there is truly another reboot in sight, we're gonna see The Voice Inside Your Head again, he is going to, uh... he is gonna destroy us all! I... I am very afraid for SiIvaGunner, uh [gibberish] Lore! LOOOORE!

Alex Jones: SmokyThrill, SmokyThrill77, are you there? [cough] 'Fraid we may have, uh... lost SmokyThrill77 to the, uh... Illuminati Voice Inside Your Head feminist FEMA globalist camps. Uh, I-I gotta shut the show down, we gotta go to full lockdown! It's a lore, lore reboot! AHH! [gibberish] LAH! LORE!