Bad Ending - Mario Forever is a high quality rip of "Bad Ending" from Mario Forever.

Jokes Edit

The rip is an animated reading of a 2008 story about an orange Mario rip-off called "Kaspario" saving Mario and the day[2]. The reading is from's show Radio PSI, specifically BlackLeader's "Works of Fiction" segment[1]. which has since ended.

The rip was uploaded to the SiIvaGunner because of its similarity to AMUNO's shitpost-quality videos[3].

"Bad Ending" is not a song in Mario Forever.

Transcript Edit

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But since it is halfway through the show I'd think I'll go ahead and uh, finish out tonight's sprecial [sic]- *sighs* special presentation [purses lips]. Round 2. It's not actually Round 2, it's Part 2. Tonight's special presentation... Part... 2.

[Music plays]
Mario wz in a jail seel in browsers cassle and he was looked and and couldn't get ou

Mario wz in a jail seel in browsers cassle and he was looked and and couldn't get ou!!
Mario was vry sad becuz of ths and eh couldn't jump becuz broser SAHVED OF HIS MUSTASH!! Mario AND peech ahd to be rescewed now! But hoo culd do it? Lawegee whent on vacayshun so he couldn't halp Mario got free. Since Mario goed to jail hhe gots 1
free fone call. He new hoo to call. He called KASPARIO!!

"kaspario I need ur help im in jail get me out said Mario".

Ehy asking four someone to let you out SHOULD NOT BE ALOUD!!" sed muchlax master the koopa. Munchlax mastah BEAT MARIO THEN! Solitary shadow then slaps Mario in the face!! Mario was powrles 2 stop them without his mustash.

meenwhile kaspario waz getting redy to save Mario. Kaspario was a really cool person he could do all the things Mario could do except cooler and he woore an ORANGE Mario soot that had KASPER written on the hate insted of M that was on marios hat. Kaspario had a cool mustash like marios but he ALSO HAD A BREAD which gave him EVEN MORE SUPER POWERS LIKE THE
ONES MARIO HAS BUT BETTER LIKE HE CAN JUMP HIGHER!! Kapario went to his friends hi there flamingos house (HE IS A YOSHI FLAMINGO THAT IS PINK) and told him "im wenting to save Mario ok" and hi there flamingo agreed to help kaspario and kaspario jumped on hi there flamingos back and they started on their way to browsers cassle to save Mario nd peech!

On there way they runned into PSUlucky sed "KASPARIO U RNT GOING TO BE ABKLE TO SAEV MARIO UR STUPID AND KKNT RITE!!" but then hi ther flamingo ate PSULucky (there a PEWNY GOOMBA!! LOL)

XxStrawberryKittyxX and middlenamedanger came frum browsers cassle (they were teh koopa taht were in charg of SHAVING MARIOS MUSTASSH DAILY) with razors and tries to shave Kasparios super power bread but kaspario JUMPED ON THERE HEDS AND CRUSHED THEM.

Then kaspario got a call on teh fone that says "kaspar im killing Mario rite now u better hurry". Kaspar was worry. "WHO WAS PHONE" ask hi there flamingo. "IDK says kasper lets hurry"


...That... was... whatever the crap that was.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the rip's creator, vince94, work on the animation began in 2013, and was finished a few weeks before the rip's upload.
  • The audio file featured in the rip is one of the few audio clips of Radio PSI left and the second of two parts[1].

References Edit

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