• Ironwestie

    Hi all,

    I thought that I'd start a blog talking about the Classic editor and some technical things about templates. A lot of people aren't too experienced with the source editor, so I thought I'd use my three-to-four years of experience editing wikis to help out.

    Bear in mind that this is completely my opinion and doesn't reflect the opinions of the entire wiki.

    This guide will talk about how to use the Source Editor, how to use (and code) templates, and the best ways to make sure that other editors know what you're doing. This guide assumes you have read Help:Editing, so please read up on that before you read this.

    You'll also want to use a computer, not a mobile device, to follow alone. In my opinion, editing on mobile is almost always painful. …

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  • MelonGem

    Discord Invite

    October 30, 2016 by MelonGem

    So, I was just wondering if anyone had an invite link for the discord server?

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  • Conect11

    first high quality cartoon rip!

    it's the same as the SB dance but with grand dad, lumiose city, and nutshack music.

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  • Luk3Master

    A handy way to get the thumbnail of a YouTube video is by using the following link:

    Where id of the video is the code from the url of a video, located after the ?watchv= of a link.

    • The link of Pause Screen - Wario World is:
    • Its video id is: EhEAazYMdwM
    • The thumbnail then is located at

    That way, the image uploaded is the higher quality thumbnail possible (click to expand).

    Hope this help you to continue cataloging high quality rips!

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