"Calm - Minecraft" is a high quality rip of the song "Calm" from Minecraft. It was uploaded immediately after "An announcement from your new leader", an announcement video in which President Haltmann replaced Inspector Gadget as the channel's host.


The rip features "Minecraft with Gadget" with Inspector Gadget edited out entirely. The theme song is also replaced with the rip's titular song.

Trivia Edit

  • Although this is technically the first rip of Haltmann's tenure as channel host, the catchphrase in the description is "..." instead of "Please read the channel description for glorious profit".
  • The rip's only platform is "iPad" in reference to "Minecraft With Gadget"
  • This rip was referenced by Mike Matei (the creator of the original "Minecraft With Gadget" video) in a Reddit post explaining Matei's feelings towards his old video.[1]

References Edit

  1. Matei, Mike. "shedding some light". Reddit. 30 May, 2017. Web. Retrieved 4 June, 2017.
    Recently some people have gone on to make music-parodies of the video and some of them are actually pretty well done. There is even one where they totally erased Gadget from the video and it’s just me. It’s a really weird thing to witness. Anyway, maybe that's what it took. A well done parody to make me see I was in the wrong there.

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