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Maroon GO is a video game developed by Niantic and published by Interscope Records on iOS, Android, and blender in 2017. The game's composers are Maroon 5's Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, James Valentine, Matt Flynn, and PJ Morton (with guest participation of Square's Sean Beste and Ryland Steen).

This is actually a fake game allowing contributors to post Maroon 5 rips (as well as Square and Kara's Flowers). The title is a pun on the fact that the number 5 is transcribed as go (五) in Japanese.

Overview Edit

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Following the massive success that was Pokémon GO, numerous copycats tried to recreate the formula. Most failed, except one: Maroon GO. Adam Levine[1], lead singer of the band Maroon 5[2], managed to secure a deal with Niantic themselves (the original developers of Pokémon GO) to create one of the most complete ARG game yet.

The concept is similar to Pokémon GO, but instead of capturing pocket monsters the player can legally download songs from Maroon 5 or find picture of its members. Dedicated players can download all of Maroon 5's discography for free thanks to this game, but most eventually pay micro-transactions. The blender (especially BlendTek) port of this game is usually considered the better version.

The entirety of Maroon 5's discography, including songs from their previous bands Kara's Flowers and Square, can be found in the game. It also features "rare" editions of the songs like demo version, instrumental/acapella version and concert recording. Although it has yet to be found by any player, datamining also revealed the presence of the super secret rare song "Adam Levine singing under the shower".

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