Rhythm Heaven is a video game developed and published by Nintendo on Nintendo DS in 2008. The game's composers are Tsunku♂ and Masami Yone.

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Rhythm Heaven (originally titled Rhythm Tengoku Gold and also known as Rhythm Paradise in the PAL territories) is the sequel to the Japan-exclusive GBA game Rhythm Tengoku. It is quite logically a rhythm game making the player play with the system sideways and tap the touch screen with the stylus. It got a sequel on the Wii titled Rhythm Heaven Fever and some of its songs were used in the Rhythm Heaven Megamix compilation.

The game has no narrative: it is a succussion a quirky minigames based around rhythm, as the player must tap, rub and/or held the stylus on the touch screen to succeed. It is still made by the same team behind WarioWare, most notably its art director Ko Takeuchi.

As its predecessor, the soundtrack of the game is assured by Japanese superstar Tsunku♂. Every four games, the player is confronted to a remix of the four previous songs at once. First game to be localized internationally, the songs where translated and dubbed in several languages, even the real life J-Pop songs written by Tsunku. The soundtrack received critical acclaim and notably introduces "Glee Club" and the Chorus Kids who became the mascots of the series.

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