"Circus (Patriotic Mix) - Five Nights at Freddy's" was a rip of "Circus" from Five Nights at Freddy's. It was removed from the channel with the rest of the September 11 rips.

Jokes Edit

Instead of the intro, this rip is a vocal cover of "America, Fuck Yeah" from the 2004 movie Team America: World Police with SiIvaGunner-related lyrics. The song plays in the background as ripper Matsu Muhō sings over it.

Lyrics Edit


SiIvaGunner, Fuck Yeah!
Comin' again to rip the motherfuckin' games, Yeah

SiIvaGunner, Fuck Yeah!
Quality's the only way, Yeah

Commenters, your game is through
'cause now you have to answer to

SiIvaGunner, Fuck yeah!
So please read the channel description

SiIvaGunner, Fuck Yeah!
Whatcha' gonna do when he uploads rips now

It's the dream that we all share
It's the hope for tomorrow
(Fuck Yeah!)
[recorder plays the melody and ends on a shrill note]

Grand Dad (Fuck Yeah!)
Flintstones (Fuck Yeah!)
Simpsons (Fuck Yeah!)
Fake-outs (Fuck Yeah!)
Blue-balls (Fuck Yeah!)
Full arrangements (Fuck Yeah!)
CG-Rap (Fuck Yeah!)
Kazoos (Fuck Yeah!)

Fuck Yeah!

Snow halation (Fuck Yeah!)
Family Guy (Fuck Yeah!)
Funny moments (Fuck Yeah!)
GO MY WAY!! (Fuck Yeah!)
Mr Rental (Fuck Yeah!)
Soulja Boy (Fuck Yeah!)
Sens (Fuck Yeah!)
Puzzle Room (Fuck Yeah!)
Gangnam Style (Fuck Yeah!)
Bowflex (Fuck yeah..Fuck Yeah)

Loud Nigra (Fuck Yeah!)
Howie scream (Fuck Yeah!)
Mashups (Fuck Yeah!)
Switcheroos (Fuck Yeah!)
Snop dog (Fuck Yeah!)
Bane (Fuck Yeah!)
The like button (Fuck Yeah!)
Undertale (Fuck Yeah!)
The Nutshack (Fuck Yeah!)
Pokemon Go (..Fuck Yeah..Fuck Yeah)
Getting beaned (...)
JustinRPG (....)