"Cobalt Scar (Othmir Beach)" is a high quality rip from the game EverQuest.

Joke Edit

The melody of the song is replaced by several songs and memes, played by steel drums. Note: The steel drums are in the original song.

Jokes list Edit




0:08 Crank That Soulja Boy
0:12 The Nutshack Intro NUMP
0:18 Meet The Flintstones Hoyt Curtin
0:24 Megalovania Toby Fox
0:31 Gangplank Galleon Donkey Kong Country
0:37 Haunted House 8-bit Beast
0:43 Snow halation μ's
0:50 Bloody Tears Castlevania
0:56 U Guessed It OG Maco
1:02 GO MY WAY!! The Idolm@ster
1:13 POKEMON GO SONG!!! Misha
1:21 Overworld Super Mario Bros 3
1:26 Gourmet Race Kirby Super Star
1:34 Axel F. Harold Faltermeyer
1:45 U.N Owen Was Her? Touhou 6
1:52 Evangelion Intro Evangelion
2:04 The Simpsons Intro Danny Elfman
2:11 Main Theme EverQuest
2:23 Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
2:29 Overworld Super Mario World
2:40 Crank That Soulja Boy