dante, formerly known as Sir Spacebar, is a composer, arranger, and a SiIvaGunner backroom member.

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dante's earliest known rip was "Hopes and Dreams - Undertale", which was uploaded to the GiIvaSunner channel on January 20, 2016. This rip is notable for being the first rip to implement "Snow halation".[1]

dante's works are largely inspired by Hiroyuki Sawano. He composed the tracks "voiceless - The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Original Soundtrack" and "9来4s - Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas" for the SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis. He's also made arrangements of songs by Hiroyuki Sawano in the Pokémon Black & White instruments, which can be found in the dedicated album SILVA GUNNER BEST OF SOUNDTRACK【B​/​W】.

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  1. the nutshack theme but the first nutshack is replaced with me ending the channel (External link)