"Dodo's Coming!! - Super Mario RPG" is a high quality rip of "Dodo's Coming!!" from the game Super Mario RPG.

Jokes Edit

The rip is actually an animation parodying the scene from Super Mario RPG the advertised track plays in. The music of the rip includes "Hostile Incoming" from Super Metroid, "Dodo's Coming!!", and a few unknown tracks.

The rip features the Spy from Team Fortress 2 infiltrating Soulja Boy's place and founding several gold statues of Soulja Boy himself. Unfortunately for him, Soulja Boy sends Loud Nigra check on the statues at the same moment and the Spy has to disguise as one of them to avoid being caught. After "subtly" avoiding Loud Nigra's verification (by turning into PSY, Robbie Rotten, and Sonic the Hedgehog), he still has to let go of the disguise and is unceremoniously shot by Nigra. However, the Spy survives the shot thanks to his Dead Ringer and escapes unnoticed.

The sprites of the rip are edits of sprites from the game series The King of Fighters. The Spy's sprite is Oswald, the Soulja Boy statues are based on Lucky Glauber, and Loud Nigra is Seth.

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