"Ending - Club Penguin" is a high quality rip by SiIvaGunner. The rip makes reference to old Club Penguin music videos.

Jokes Edit

The first 6 seconds is made in Windows Movie Maker, a common video editor used in Club Penguin music videos, with an instrumental of "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day, the first shot of the rip purposely misspelt the song as "good riddens" as a reference to a tweet by Skill Specs, the rest of the video shows various footage of Club Penguin with penguins singing the lyrics of Snow halation.

At the end of the video, a penguin says, "Bye Club Penguin. We'll miss you. ❤"

Production[1] Edit

The rip was submitted by 123zc1, a YouTuber known for explaining many of the common jokes used in the rips. He wanted to create this rip as Club Penguin was shutting down its servers, so to honor the legacy of Club Penguin, he decided to create a rip inspired by the Club Penguin music videos of the past. He decided to use "Good Riddance" as his song but also have a "SiIvaGunner spin" to it, thus he decided to use Snow halation as that addition to his rip as both songs give an emotional message and the connection of snow and penguins. The music was mashed together by Chaze the Chat. The footage was recorded on HyperCam and while the opening was created in Windows Movie Maker, the actual video was produced using Sony Vegas. While many scenes were filmed in the live servers, some scenes were recorded in private servers, e.g. the scene with multiple penguins represented by colours of the members of μ's, these scenes required him to rotoscope his penguin in various places. After all of this, 123zc1 passed the video onto Chaze to upload.

References Edit

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