"Engage the Enemy - Xenoblade Chronicles" is a high quality rip of the track "Engage the Enemy" from the game Xenoblade Chronicles.

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This rip features the original track but with ytp4life's "History of Grand Dad" ironically playing over it.

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So, Know Your Meme now has a Grand Dad page, and it really pisses me off. Not only does it nnn... whoever wrote it not have the information that I have, for reasons I'll explain later, but they don't even mention SoundCloud. Well, they technically do with the SilviaGunner[sic], but anyway I'm getting my head of myself.

Okay, so... I don't mean to sound pretentious, but, I made Grand Dad a meme. Grand Dad is a meme beca-- well, 'cause of a few other people. Of course, we can't forget the basics, the beginning of Vinesauce. If that, if Joel never played it, it wouldn't be funny and there would be no meme, so we have to credit Joel as necessarily bringing it into the public eye.

Now, I made one Grand Dad funny, and originally that was all it was going to ever be. I'm gonna, I'm gonna play this now. This was all there was going to be, this was going to be it.

[shitty mashup of 7 Grand Dad music with the vocals to "Levels" by Avicii playing over the top]

And then, this asshole, the Man Man, made a whole fuckin' album and most of them was like shitty volume all the way turned up bullshit, there were a couple good mashups but, and that basically inspiralled me into turning it into a downward hill. And basically, for a long long time it was basically just me and him and a couple of other people that thought it was funny. And mos-- and mostly, mostly it was just me and him.

And then, um, if some famous people did it they did it as a joke, it was "this is shitty, why would you bother", and those are the same people that are running SilviaGunner, or... Yeah, it's SilviaGunner now, not GilviaSunner. Anyway, so, those same people would totally mercifully wreck the shit out of how unfunny it was. And this is, um, this is recording of a comment I, I had for reasons, I... did something with it, but I don't, I can't find the original comment but here is this:

[text to speech voice reads out comment over 7 Grand Dad music] "what the fuck is with your strange obsession with grand dad it's a shitty meme and deserves to rot in soundclown hell, it's not funny, creative, or at all impressive to make and shoving it into every single soundclown that has nothing to do with it will not only make it the around 200 times more cancerous but it'll just be plain stupid."

Okay. Now, these are the same people, this is I'm pretty sure this is one of the people that was using SilviaGunner and running this joke into the ground even more. I just made this because, I deserve some credit, and I'm gonna post this on YouTube as well, because I really do deserve the credit, basically. That's it. Peace [bigga?]

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  • This rip is actually made by Chaze the Chat.[1]

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