"Final Boss - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles" is a removed rip that was originally uploaded on June 23, 2016.[2]

Jokes Edit

The rip starts out normally until 0:18, where a voice clip said by Futurama's Bender says "Bam it again, Elzar. Knock it up another notch!". After that, the game's logo glitches out and is replaced with a JJBA themed logo of the game. Accompanying this is a poor midislap of "Roundabout" by the band Yes using a Sega Genesis soundfont. Near the end of the rip, a "To Be Continued" arrow appears as the song ends along with the screen becoming black and white.

According to a YouTube comment[3], the video was removed because the SiIvaGunner team hated it and didn't actually expect anyone to like the rip.

Although it was removed from the channel, this rip became the bonus track on the album JOEJOE'S BIZZAERE JOJOKE, albeit without the bait-and-switch introduction at the beginning.

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