"Final Boss - The Nutshack: The Game" is a high quality rip from The Nutshack: The Game for the PC.

Jokes Edit

The rip is a solemn classical style piano remix arrangement of The Nutshack. At the end, a voice sample of NUMP saying "UGH!" is added.

Trivia Edit

  • The rip was uploaded on the 10 year anniversary of The Nutshack. The show's 1st episode, "Pilot", has premiered on Myx TV on April 25, 2007.
  • The Nutshack: The Game actually exists[1]. It's a Mega Man X clone for the PC made by ChairGTables[2]. The game's creator is a SiIvaGunner fan, and the game even contains references such as Smol Nozomi.
  • The rip itself, however, has nothing to do with the actual Final Boss theme from The Nutshack: The Game, "Still Learnin'? It's Too Late for That!", which is a remix of The Nutshack theme made by david4jsus[3].
  • The description for some reason lists Go Ichinose (a Japanese composer famous for his contributions to Pokémon games) as the rip's composer.
  • There's also a different Nutshack fan game: Nutshack But Its a Game[4], made by Codybean1[5]. It's a 3d platformer for PC and Mac.

Reference list Edit

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