"Final Destination - Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a high quality rip from the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

This rip was published on the legitimate channel as an April Fools' joke, while GiivaSunner's channel uploaded unedited video game music. The rip was created by a number of rippers credited in the video's description. As for the rip itself, it is a mashup of "Final Destination" and several memes often featured on the channel.





0:02 Crank That Soulja Boy
0:07 Gangnam Style PSY
0:28 Kyoto feat. Sirah Skrillex
0:29 Crank That Soulja Boy
0:30 Space Jam Quad City DJs
0:41 Lose Yourself Eminem
0:53 Howie scream Howie Long
1:02 Loud Nigra Creampie Cathy
1:04 Mighty Morphin Foreskin Captain Murphy
1:04 Meet the Flintstones Hoyt Curtin
1:16 Snow halation µ's
1:26 "Bane?" The Dark Knight Rises
1:29 Harder Better Faster Daft Punk
Meet the Flintstones (7 GRAND DAD version) Hoyt Curtin
1:32 GRAND DAD! Vinesauce Joel
1:35 Bonfire Childish Gambino
1:39 Take On Me a-ha
1:49 "SO LONG KING BOWSER!" Super Mario 64
2:00 Tachyon Death Grips
El Sonidito Hechizeros Band
2:42 Move That Dope feat. Pharrell Williams, Pusha T Future
Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
2:53 Theme of Sanic Hegehog Oldmanlink

Trivia Edit

  • At 2:50, the Smash Bros. logo is replaced with Sanic Hedgehog (a crude drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog) and the title becomes distorted. He begins to spiral in place as the music becomes deafening.
  • The special thanks field in the description lists every member of SiIvaGunner at the time.[2]

References Edit

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  2. fun fact: the final destination rip description shows every member of giiva/siiva at the time. compare that to the Curtain Call rip. --Xarlable - Reddit