Flustered Fernando is a channel controlled by Chaze the Chat and at least one other person,[1] including Xarlable.[2] Its main purpose is to re-upload controversial rips that were removed from the main channel, such as the ones using Green de la Bean and 9/11.

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  • The Flustered Fernando Tumblr was first started for the ARG.
  • The name "Flustered Fernando" was originally a nickname for Angry Joe used on the Internet forum Dead Horse Interchangeable.[3]
  • The banner on the Flustered Fernando YouTube channel features (from left to right) Green de la Bean, Snoop Dogg, Nico Yazawa, Angry Joe, Yayoi Takatsuki, Elliot Rodger, and George Jetson.

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  2. "it was angry joe until we got the shitty smug anime picture" -@Xarlable on Twitter
  3. "Flustered Fernando is named after Angry Joe" - @the8bits on Twitter