"Fly High, No Lies ~Genocide Ending~ - SiIvaGunner: Rebooted" is a part of an alternate ending to the Reboot arc.

Plot Edit

The video opens with the same events as the beginning of the True Ending, Chad has pretended to accept the removal of "Snow halation" from the channel and they both begin hearing sleigh bells in the distance.

Instead of Chad attempting to bring back "Snow halation", Chad takes his gun and shoots whatever was playing the sleigh bells. The Voice Inside Your Head is pleased with Chad's actions. Chad then points his gun to The Voice and reveals his plan to take over the SiIvaGunner channel himself and how he didn't care for "Snow halation" in the first place. Chad shoots and kills The Voice and begins his takeover of the channel.

Transcript Edit

[Chad sighs.]

VOICE: Don't be sad, Chad. After all, we have created the perfect utopia for SilvaGuner.

No more snow, no more discourse. Just a grand, gay old time, and high quality rips.

You can rule by my side, Chad. We can be the ultimate Grand Dads.

We will usher SilvaGunner into a new high quality era.

Come now, Chad. We have much work to do.

CHAD: ...aight.

[Sleigh bells are heard jingling somewhere.]

VOICE: Wait... what's that sound?

[Sleigh bells keep jingling. The sound of a gun cocking and firing is heard. The sleigh bells cease.]

CHAD: Nigga, fuck dat aight.

VOICE: Good work, Chad. I had a feeling that was... ...Snow halation.

Now let's g--

[Gun cocks.]

VOICE: W-what?

CHAD: HAEH! This was my plan all along.

Fuck Snow halation.

Fuck SilvaGunner.

And FUCK you, aight?

I forgot what I was all about...

...dat true shit...

...dat PS Triple... the PS TRIPLE!

VOICE: Chad, I promised you the world, and THIS is how you're going to repay me?

...I should have known better.



[Gun cocks and fires. Howie scream plays. Screen flashes to white then fades to black.]


This place is now nice, slick, black.


That shit is nice.

SilvaGunner is my channel now, bitches.

Sony always wins, baby! Sony always wins!


[Screen reads "DON'T HATE CUZ CHADWARDEN BE BALLLIN!!!!". "We Fly High" plays.]