"For the Fans - Undertale" is a high quality rip of "For the Fans" from the game Undertale.

Jokes Edit

This rip mostly consists of several sound clips of Keemstar, the host of the YouTube series DramaAlert, played over the original advertised track. This is most likely a reference to how both Keemstar and Mettaton both host news shows and how they both are associated with drama.

The rip begins by playing "For the Fans" and a portion of Keemstar's infamous "Fuck the fans" rant that was said during one of his livestreams on blogTV from 2010. This is the main joke of the rip as this rant was a message for Keemstar's fans. The transcript of the portion of the rant played during the rip is shown below:

"I don't give a fuck about any of you, I am in this for your money, ... I only do this show for money, that's it, alright? I don't do it to entertain people, that's just a fucking scam, ... I don't give a fuck about any of you. I really hope you die of cancer. I hate every single one of you. Fuck the fans. No sarcasm, no joking, fuck the fans. Thank you."[1]

After that clip ends, an edited version of Keemstar's equally infamous rant about Alex on BattleCam is played, but every instance of the name "Alex" is replaced with a text-to-speech voice saying "Burgerpants", the name of another character from Undertale. This is a reference to the poor relationship Mettaton and Burgerpants have with each other. This edited rant is again shown below:

"Fuck this, I'm on BlogTV with my fucking hands up, I'm not starting my-fucking-self! You fucking stupid bitch! This stupid fucking justice, all fucking righteous fucking nigger, [Burgerpants], is doing this shit! You fucking nigger! I swear to fucking God, I'm gonna-- ... Yo, everybody type in the chat '[Burgerpants] is a stupid nigger', just type in the chat '[Burgerpants] is a stupid nigger'."[2]

After that clip ends, a sound clip of Keemstar from a video titled "Best of F@G Episode 1: Keemstar" plays. This clip is of Keemstar on the game Halo trolling a female player named CupcakeTattoo by pretending to have sexual intercourse with her. CupcakeTattoo can also be heard asking Keemstar to stop. During this clip, a car horn sound plays over the audio whenever a curse word is said in an attempt to censor the audio, but the curse words can still be heard. The transcript of the clip is once again shown below:

"KEEM: Say K-K-K-K-K-K-Keemstar. Go, girl. Go, girl. Come on, Cupcake. Let me lick the frosting! Let me lick the frosting! Aw! Aw! Aw! Oh! Oh yeah, I want to put you in the oven, I want to bake you. Aw, I want to make it hot. I want to make it hot. Oh, you're rising. I'm rising, I'm rising. Oh, it's about to steam. Oh yeah, oh yeah, tattoo it, tattoo it, turn it upside down. Aw, put the cupcake on my ass. Aw yeah, you're making it good, you're making it good, you're making it good. Aw yeah, fuck, fuck, aw, fuck, fuck,

CUPCAKETATTOO: Will you please tell him to stop? Seriously.

KEEM: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I want to put you on your back, ... --scale! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Keemstar! Ah! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,

CUPCAKETATTOO: Can you please tell him to stop for just, like, two minutes! Please! Please! Can you shut up for just, like, a minute? Oh my God! Can you shut up? Oh my God.

KEEM: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah."[3]

As this clip is playing, the song "Snow halation" begins to play with the same tempo and key as "For the Fans".

Trivia Edit

  • This video has frequently been featured in SiIvaGunner's "Liked videos" playlist, most likely as a way to reference many of the contributors' and backroom members' dislike of the channel's fanbase.
  • Keemstar has made statements several times regarding the clips found in this rip. He has apologized on several occasions for his outburst directed toward Alex and has also said that using that clip in videos as a joke and a meme is disrespectful and that people who do that are racist.[4][5] Regarding his "Fuck the fans" rant, he stated that what he said was not how he truly felt about his fans, saying "How could any content creator say this horrible shit about their fans and still have a career? How is that even possible?". He stated that when these statements were made, he was playing a character that he called "Evil Keemstar", a character whose sole purpose was to say negative and mean-spirited things to his fans. This character was inspired by how Keemstar's fans would frequently ruin his live pranks on blogTV by tricking Keemstar into pranking them, people who were already in on his pranks, instead of unsuspecting people who weren't in on his pranks.[6]

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