Futari Happiness (NOZOMI Mix) is a rip from Love Live! School idol festival, which starts with a voiced "story" segment and ends with the song combined with Space Jam. This rip is also the lead-up to the High Quality Reboot.


The song at first plays normally, until SilvaGunner's HQripper 7.0 software crashes. Frustrated, Silva leaves to get high quality ripping software, meeting and chatting with Chad Warden on the way. He buys the software at Loud Nigra's store, and returns home to install the software and rip the song again.

Transcript Edit

(Song starts normally, but Silva's ripping software crashes shortly after.)

Silva: Damn it. This is like the third time this has crashed today. I really need some new high quality ripping software. I better hurry up too, Nozomi's birthday is almost over.

(Silva leaves his house. A city street can be heard.)

Chad Warden: Sup, SilvaGunner.

S: Hey Chad Warden. How's it going?

CW: Ballin', but, a binch of niggas dislike bombing. They're such dicks.

S: Yeah. I know it can be a pain sometimes, but don't worry about it too much. That's just how they are, but I hope they can change someday too, man. Anyway, I gotta get going.

CW: Aight.

(Silva enters a shop. Loud Nigra is the storeowner.)

Loud Nigra: (loud nigra)

S: Hey! I was just wondering if you sell high quality software for high quality rips?

LN: (loud nigra)

S: No, I don't mean for ripping paper. I mean for ripping music.

LN: (loud nigra)

S: That sounds good. This runs on Windows 3.1, right?

LN: (loud nigra)

S: Alright, I guess i'll buy this then. Thanks.

LN: (loud nigra)

(Silva leaves the store.)

S: Boy, am I glad i learned how to speak nigra.

(Silva walks back to his house. He boots up his computer and installs the software.)

S: Alright, this new software is installed. Let's finish this rip!

(The song continues into a mashup with Space Jam.)

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