"Get Schwifty - Pocket Mortys" is a high quality rip of "Get Schwifty" from the game Pocket Mortys.

Joke Edit

"Get Schwifty" is the name of an episode and a song in the American TV show Rick and Morty. Pocket Mortys, which is a spin-off of Rick and Morty, does have "Get Schwifty", but it is an instrumental without any lyrics.

This rip includes samples from the episode "Get Schwifty" (with vocals) and mashes it up with "Bodies" by Drowning Pool. At 1:04, the backing track of "Get Schwifty" becomes the melody of "Snow halation".

Lyrics Edit

Just hit the bodies Morty, give me a beat!
Oh, man, okay, alright, um...
Beaten why for (why for)
Can't take much more
(Here we go, here we go, here we go)
One, nothing wrong with Morty
Two, nothing wrong with Morty
Three, nothing wrong with Morty
Four, nothing wrong with Morty
One, something's got to give
Two, something's got to give
Three, something's got to give now

Shit on the FLOOORRR
Time to get schwifty in here
Gotta shit on the FLOOORRR
I'm Mr. Bulldops
I'm Mr. Bulldops.
Take a shit on the FLOOORRR
Take off your panties and your pants.
It's time to get schwifty in here
New song, schwifty.
Double x.
Schwifty song, comin' at ya.
It's the schwif-schwifty.
Hey, take your pants off.
It's Schwifty time today.

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