GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1 is the debut album released by GiIvaSunner on March 30, 2016.

The album was announced through the announcement video "A N N O U N C E M E N T".

Track listing Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) LengthMashup / Joke
1. "The channel ytp4life lost" Sir Spacebar 6:11YTP4LIFE CRYING
2. "Katamari on the Memes" Xarlable 5:55Medley rip
3. "Shake It Flat (GiIvaSunner Mix)" IAmMelloYellow 4:22Shake It Off - Taylor Swift / Bonfire
4. "Sir Duke's Battlefield" Nape Mango 2:54Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
5. "The King of Castelia Saxamaphones" Uncle Fill 2:29The King Of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 - Neutral Milk Hotel / Careless Whisper / Epic Sax Guy / Death by Glamour - Undertale
6. "Flintstory (Main Theme)" turdl3 1:377 GRAND DAD / His Theme - Undertale / Hopes and Dreams - Undertale
7. "The Flintstones: School idol festival" MtH 0:52Snow halation
8. "Big Shell Inc." NBGMusic 1:36Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
9. "Donktrousle" Cryptrik 7:27Put A Donk On It - Blackout Crew
10. "Bane Eater" Triple-Q 2:54Baneposting / Snow halation
11. "Leaked Title Theme To Paper Mario: Color Splash" MF PICKLE​-​O 3:08Title Screen - Paper Mario: Sticker Star / Loud Nigra
12. "Don't worry : [B/W] ver." Sir Spacebar 3:57Don't worry - Xenoblade Chronicles X
13. "Nigra's Love Song" TUWieZ 1:17Chip tha Ripper
14. "Grand Dad's Secret Slide" ZVAARI 2:397 GRAND DAD
15. "Professor Blumenkranz [Redux]" PinkieOats 3:49"Blumenkranz" (from Kill la Kill), "Professor Layton’s Theme" (from Professor Layton and the Curious Village)
16. "This moon can't crash fast enough" kony1015 1:27Air horns
17. "Chemical Dynablade Galleon Zone" Xarlable 1:30White Wing Dynablade - Kirby Super Star / Gangplank Galleon - Donkey Kong Country
18. "Swiggity Jelly" The Meme Machine 2:57Swiggity Swooty (I'm Coming For That Booty) - YaBoyJDub
19. "Beware Of The Forest Mush-Room" Robyn 2:50The Room Theme
20. "Gerudo Countdown" Chaze the Chat 1:45The Final Countdown - Europe
21. "A Wild Fred Flintstone Appeared!" Chaze the Chat 0:547 GRAND DAD
22. "Bad Opple!!" MtH 1:23Gangnam Style
23. "Respect Your Elders (20X-Mix)" turdl3 2:31Respect Your Elders - Chillin / Supa Hot Fire / Loud Nigra
24. "Drawn Dad" Avolience 1:217 GRAND DAD
25. "Paper Mario 2 - Everyone's Main Menu" CaptainComedy 2:16Medley rip
26. "Avicii Dog" xDEFCONx 2:33Levels - Avicii
27. "Boo Lucky Fever" Uncle Fill 5:30Get Lucky - Daft Punk
28. "Grandfest" Toonlink 2:007 GRAND DAD
29. "Outset Ripper" TailsChannel 1:27Chip tha Ripper
30. "Straight Outta Tokyo-to" MF PICKLE-O 1:26Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A
31. "AND HIS THEME IS SNOW HALATION" IAmMelloYellow 1:52Snow halation / John Cena
32. "Stone Machine" ZVAARI 1:457 GRAND DAD / The Simpsons
33. "Everyone's Emerald Hill (Everyone vs Sonic + B*Witched)" CaptainComedy 1:32C'est la vie - B*Witched / Medley rip
34. "Thinkin Bout Claus" ICECOLDS 3:57Thinkin Bout You - Frank Ocean
35. "The Grand Dad Who Sold The World" NBGMusic 5:387 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
36. "Big Octagon Boys" Cryptrik 5:16Jack Black defines Octagon (Sesame Street) / Flyburst Boyz - BlackY vs. Yooh
37. "Nocturne" MtH 1:50High quality video game rip
38. "Zanza LaBeouf" turdl3 4:09Shia LaBeouf - Rob Cantor / 7 GRAND DAD
39. "Circuit of Love" Nib Roc 3:58Short Circuit - Daft Punk
40. "Interior Subspace Alligator" Avolience 2:04Chip tha Ripper
41. "Tomodachi Life - Staff Roll (Cryptrik Remix)" Cryptrik 2:50Original remix
42. "The 7k dad lost" Sir Spacebar ft. Chaze the Chat 3:157 GRAND DAD / New lyrics and bad singing
43. "We Love Burning Town - Feat. A Burning Town" Jass 1:47An actual burning town / Loud Nigra
44. "Animal Boy" Peridarren 1:26American Boy - Estelle (ft. Kanye West)
45. "Death by Lucky Strike (Remastered)" Chaze the Chat 4:25Lucky Strike - Maroon 5
46. "Team Rocket's Persona" TailsChannel 1:49Double Trouble (Pokémon) / Vinesauce Joel
47. "ARSA" IAmMelloYellow 4:15"Machine Passage" from Kirby Air Ride, "PBSA" by Tech N9ne Collabos ft. Ces Cru[1]
48. "skrill." NBGMusic 0:56SQUAD OUT! - Skrillex & JAUZ (ft. Fatman Scoop) / Kyoto - Skrillex (ft. Sirah)
49. "A Dad's Grand Funeral ~ Necro Flintstonesy" Princess Sylvysprit 7:097 GRAND DAD
50. "Luma's Space Oddity (Cryptrik's Re-Meme)" IAmMelloYellow and Cryptrik 5:34Ignite - Re-Con / Space Oddity - David Bowie
51. "Bonetrouslegraph Ave. [Redux]" ICECOLDS 3:09Telegraph Ave. ("Oakland" by Lloyd) - Childish Gambino
52. "Gangnam Gangnam Yukai" Suneel Gurpur 3:32Gangnam Style / Gentleman - Psy
53. "Kirby Keeps His Mind Right" McBedtime 0:53Keep Ur Mind Right - Ur Boy Bangs
54. "Brawlin' The Bassline" MF PICKLE-O 1:21"Humming the Bassline" (Jet Set Radio)
55. "Metal Gear Renaising" Triple-Q 4:12"Renai Circulation" from Bakemonogatari
56. "Grand Dadlovania" Chaze the Chat 0:487 GRAND DAD
57. "Hotdad Grandami" NBGMusic 4:197 GRAND DAD
58. "Blocked in America" Sir Spacebar 2:38Faster and faster
59. "Morphogenetic Swag" turdl3 5:537 GRAND DAD / Snow halation / Gangnam Style / Activate - DJ Cheef / Wonton Soup - Lil B / Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
60. "Inktober" Cryptrik 7:39October - Deadmau5 / Splatoon Game Overview
61. "Emerald Hill (not the one from Sonic 2)" MtH 1:54Windy Hill - Zone 1 - Sonic Lost World / Snow halation
62. "Fly Me To The Streets" Uncle Fill 1:22Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) - Kaye Ballard
63. "Yell "Dad Cell"" NBGMusic 0:307 GRAND DAD
64. "Metans" MatrixMarioX 1:52Death by Glamour - Undertale
65. "idontknowwhatavolumebuttondoes" Eziam One 1:25808 Tutorial - CARNAGE - Razer Music / 7 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
66. "Hotel Dad Goes Forth!" Barney Rubble 1:31Main Menu/Map - Hotel Mario / 7 GRAND DAD
67. "Source Missile" Detective Agent 0:55Gabe the Dog / 7 GRAND DAD
68. "Mean Beastie Machine" Mr Lange 2:40Intergalactic - Beastie Boys
69. "Happy Song Sing Along" Mr Lange 1:38Forgotten (Lost Angels) - Lamb of God
70. "Time Machine To The Stone Age" MtH 3:077 GRAND DAD / Meet the Flintstones / Snow halation
71. "Jun Senoue Exposed" Minus Θ Zero 1:177 GRAND DAD / Snow halation
72. "Ace Attorney vs Everyone - Aaron's Legal Party" CaptainComedy 1:45Medley rip
73. "FUCKBEES Galaxy" Xarlable 2:36Slower and slower / Fuck Bees
74. "Cheap Cheap Chicken Guest Stars on Cooking With A Killer Robot" BotanicSage 1:01 Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken's RAP - PaRappa the Rapper
75. "Nigra Country Opening Climax" MF PICKLE-O 0:07Loud Nigra
76. "Overture to the Grand Overworld" Minus Θ Zero 1:50Main Theme - Dragon Quest / Above Ground - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link / 7 GRAND DAD
77. "Some Pokémon song I can put the Flintstones theme in so we can act like it was leaked from a Sun and Moon trailer after they got leaked" Chaze the Chat 0:41Gym - Pokémon Black/White / 7 GRAND DAD
78. "Jimmy Grandtron" LuNiney 1:577 GRAND DAD / Undertale - Undertale / Turn Down for What - DJ Snake, Lil Jon / Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour / Thomas the Tank Engine
79. "Black tar : [B/W] ver." Sir Spacebar 3:02Black tar - Xenoblade Chronicles X
80. "Beloved Unfounded Bonetrousle" Princess Sylvysprit 1:31Unfounded Revenge - MOTHER 3 / Sans is Ness / "Beloved Tomboyish Girl (Cirno's Theme)" from Touhou Project
81. "DeadAnimals" Eziam One 3:42Animals - Martin Garrix
82. "2 Pilots 1 Arwing" Xarlable 1:022 Girls 1 Cup
83. "A Grand Dad is a Grand Dad, you can't say it's only a half" Princess Sylvysprit 1:160.5x A Presses / 7 GRAND DAD
84. "Haunted Dad Act 1" Sir Spacebar 1:347 GRAND DAD
85. "Interior Gourmet Aliracer" The Meme Machine 1:26Chip tha Ripper
86. "Cagayake Resort! (DS)" MtH and Triple-Q 4:09Cagayake! GIRLS - K-ON!
87. "Super Mos Eisley World" Nape Mango 1:21Cantina Song (Star Wars) / 7 GRAND DAD
88. "Dr. Soulja" Toonlink 1:25Soulja Boy / 7 GRAND DAD
89. "009 Dreamland" LemmyKoopa 2:18Dreamscape - 009 Sound System
90. "Mrs. Thwomp Battle" ZVAARI 2:167 GRAND DAD
91. "Pokémon Grand 2 and Dad 2: Electric Gym" Chaze the Chat 0:427 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
92. "Love Me Some Hume Females" CaptainComedy 1:05Medley rip
93. "SyobonMen Theme" Eziam One 5:00Original remix / Nyan Cat / "What the fuck? Drop the beat!" (???) / 7 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
94. "Cha La HE Cha La" MF PICKLE-O 2:37DK Rap
95. "Poptartrousle" LuNiney 0:28Nyan Cat
96. "Real Grand Dad Hours" Le Ruse Bird 2:037 GRAND DAD
97. "Not the Azu nyan You Were Hoping" Minus Θ Zero 2:19Have some tea - K-ON!
98. "That Dad's Name Is" turdl3 2:537 GRAND DAD / Fairly OddParents Theme / Snow halation
99. "A Troublesome Bomb Over Baghdad" Iכynato 3:31Bombs Over Baghdad - OutKast
100. "Bang There, Bang On" Nib Roc 3:24Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
101. "679 Kill Chop Deluxe" IAmMelloYellow 3:12679 - Fetty Wap (ft. Remy Boys)
102. "Professor G. Dadd (Rappin' For Boolossus)" turdl3 2:187 GRAND DAD / Rappin' for Jesus / Cooking by the Book - LazyTown / 2112 (VII "Grand Finale") - Rush
103. "Turn Down for Dating" Mr_WoB 4:04Turn Down for What - DJ Snake, Lil Jon / Dating Start! - Undertale / Bonetrousle - Undertale / Snowy - Undertale
104. "Dad's Practice!" Swordy 0:487 GRAND DAD
105. "Koopa's Road (Alternate Mix) - Super Mario 64 + Koopa's Road - Super Mario 64 (GiIvaSunner) + Bloopa's Grand Hotline Road" TUWieZ, Chaze the Chat, and Avolience 4:39Scatman / 7 GRAND DAD / Hotline Bling
106. "Vibri Goes To Jail" Cryptrik 2:27Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
107. "Athletic Doctor" Psycosis 1:46Witch Doctor - Cartoons
108. "Breeze Me To Life" Iכynato 1:39Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
109. "Green Hill Zone Classic - Sonic Generations Remix" NicoCW 2:57Original remix
110. "This Isn't Funny Anymore" Jass 1:287 GRAND DAD
111. "Downtown Bass" The Meme Machine 3:20Bassline Junkie - Dizzee Rascal
112. "Grand Dads With Glamourous Guitars" MtH 3:57 7 GRAND DAD / Death by Glamour - Undertale / Mystic Mansion - Sonic Heroes
113. "Sonic Boom [FM Arrange]" Sir Spacebar 1:28Genesis soundfont
114. "IT WASN'T ACTUALLY CARNIVAL NIGHT ZONE, AT ALL" Xarlable 1:54Nightcall - Kavinsky
115. "Sista' Rippa'" TailsChannel 1:36Chip tha Ripper
116. "Space Ruser" Le Ruse Bird 1:18Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer
117. "Walk The Bread Monster" The Meme Machine 1:33Walk the Dinosaur - Was (Not Was) / "Expiration Date" short film
118. "Top of the Night to Ya!" 9x9 Dvon 3:51Top O' The Mornin' To Ya - House Of Pain
119. "Foliage Flintstones" Mr Lange 2:227 GRAND DAD / Snow halation / Take On Me
120. "Bonfire On The Skydeck A Go Go!" CaptainComedy 0:50Bonfire
121. "DumMyX Gonna Give It To Ya" LemmyKoopa 2:21X Gon' Give It to Ya - DMX
122. "Punch-Out Crusaders" Suneel Gurpur 2:57STAND PROUD - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
123. "Hey Luigi, play the Sax" Xarlable 0:41Hotel Mario quotes
124. "Everyone's Minute to Win It! (Everyone vs. Wreck It Ralph)" CaptainComedy 1:07Medley rip
125. "I'm Never Gonna Flood A Landmass Again" Chaze the Chat 2:18Careless Whisper
126. "Grand Dad IN SPACE" Nape Mango 3:317 GRAND DAD
127. "Silver Learn" Jass 2:27Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2
128. "Metallic Dad" ZVAARI 0:577 GRAND DAD
129. "Honeysquare Highway" Icebrigade 3:39It's Hip to Be Square - Huey Lewis and the News / Fuck Bees / Megalovania
130. "Kirby's Booty Massacre Medley (Kirby Ass Attack)" PinkieOats 6:09Medley rip
131. "Surrounding Courts" STKorporation 2:37Space Jam
132. "SAVE THE LAND" LuNiney 0:26Save the World - Undertale
133. "Name These Grand Children" McBedtime 1:177 GRAND DAD
134. "12 Transparent Bricks" IAmMelloYellow 3:4012 Bricks - OG Maco
135. "Mashup Heaven - Soundclown 10" ICECOLDS 3:43Medley rip
136. "Pokémon Conquest and Birthwhite" Sir Spacebar 1:50Lost in Thoughts All Alone
137. "Chun Li Visits Africa" Tom Platt 3:03Africa - Toto
138. "G r a n d D a d 「フリントの石」" Nick Oleksiak 1:477 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
139. "Donkey Kong Sr." TUWieZ 1:567 GRAND DAD
140. "Last Grand Goodbye" Barney Rubble 2:19Snow halation / 7 GRAND DAD / Loud Nigra
141. "Nuclear Winter" Triple-Q 4:19Snow halation
142. "Shanty" TUWieZ 8:09I'm A Slave 4 U - Britney Spears / 7 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
143. "Just the Planet Eudora" 9x9 Dvon 3:09Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
144. "Star Burner" MtH 2:45After Burner - After Burner
145. "Ziggy Stardust World" Cryptrik 4:52Starman - David Bowie
146. "Alright, we're here, just ripping in the car" TailsChannel 1:30Chip tha Ripper / Vinesauce Joel
147. "This Time I Got 12 Rocks" NBGMusic 2:147 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
148. "Destruction Funk" Jass 1:44Uptown Funk
149. "Slammrobics" The Meme Machine 3:33Space Jam
150. "Song of the Minions (Despicabola)" Triple-Q 3:04Minions (Despicable Me)
151. "Super Mario Shrekshine: All Secret Course" Chaze the Chat 1:29All Star
152. "Toasty Rips" TailsChannel 1:21Chip tha Ripper
153. "I've Lost Control of Myself (Thanks to All the Slicers)" Minus Θ Zero 1:47Rivulets - Sonic Before the Sequel
154. "The Grand Horse Race" McBedtime 1:267 GRAND DAD
155. "Friendius - Nightmare King" Detective Agent 0:55Your Best Nightmare - Undertale
156. "Pac-Man's Going to Make Your Bedrock (Thanks, Hanna-Barbera)" Minus Θ Zero 2:437 GRAND DAD
157. "Miror B. Goes to the Flea Market" Nape Mango 1:53Flea Market Montgomery
158. "It's Called A Road" Mr Lange 1:26Rainbow Road - Mark Krump
159. "Delfino Nigra" MF PICKLE-O 3:02Intro loop / Loud Nigra
160. "When the great fairy gives you energy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" kony1015 1:147 GRAND DAD
161. "Grandlands" ZVAARI 2:557 GRAND DAD / Megalovania
162. "Ayla's Fanfare" Uncle Fill 0:447 GRAND DAD
163. "Boss N9ne" Iכynato 4:34Speedom - Eminem (ft. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko)
164. "Cooking Nigra" Detective Agent 0:41Loud Nigra
165. "Military On The Max-Phantom" Xarlable 2:29Phantom Pt. II - Justice
166. "Vibri shows her true colors" Barney Rubble 1:17Howie Scream / The Great Mighty Poo - Conker's Bad Fur Day / 7 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
167. "fLYNNEstone - A Targeted Grand Dad" Detective Agent 1:147 GRAND DAD
168. "Link's About to Meet the Deku Tree" McBedtime 0:577 GRAND DAD
169. "Chuck E. Cheese for my EarthBound" Mr Lange 1:39
170. "Dogbass (Extended Mix)" Xarlable 0:55Seinfeld Theme
171. "Dog Chase Zone" ICECOLDS 1:27Dog of Wisdom / 7 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
172. "Yoshi Sorry" Mr Lange 1:37The Yoshi Clan - Yoshi's New Island (distorded)
173. "An All-Around Unpleasant Experience" Icebrigade 0:56Megalovania
174. "Flip Stylo Galaxy" IAmMelloYellow 4:23Stylo - Gorillaz
175. "donacdad" NBGMusic 3:557 GRAND DAD + Vinesauce Joel
176. "ClocksTown: Day One" Eziam One 6:41Clocks - Coldplay / Druaga1
177. "smooooch d∀d" MatrixMarioX 1:567 GRAND DAD
178. "Snow Route Halation" Chaze the Chat 1:47Snow halation
179. "Terry Wad Hut" Eziam One 2:50Druaga1 / Dubstep remix by ??? / Loud Nigra
180. "That song that plays when you give the statue an umbrella" kony1015 1:12Soulja Boy
181. "Before my body is dry : [B/W] ver." Sir Spacebar 4:06Before my body is dry - Kill la Kill
182. "GRANDDAD33333333" Le Ruse Bird 1:117 GRAND DAD
183. "Jolly Soulja Bay" Avolience 3:01Soulja Boy
184. "Yoshi Touch & Ed" NicoCW 0:36Ed, Edd n Eddy Theme
185. "Ashley's Fresher Than You" Nib Roc 3:477/11 - Beyoncé
186. "Edgy Edgy Shadowness" Suneel Gurpur 3:50Hare Hare Yukai - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
187. "Goldenrod's SlateCucc District" TUWieZ 2:22Slateport City - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire / 7 GRAND DAD
188. "Rashidcolour" Nib Roc 5:09Watercolour - Pendulum
189. "Bootleg Time" ZVAARI 1:447 GRAND DAD
190. "SUPEROP" MF PICKLE-O 0:42Gangnam Style
191. "Redial On Me" McBedtime 1:57Take On Me
192. "In which Nape fucks around with midis to experiment" Nape Mango 1:25???
193. "Rickrollin' (Ongaku Concept Outro) 16-bit Remix" MtH 1:44Rickrollin' (Ongaku Concept Outro) - Joshua Taipale
194. "K.K. Wonderwall" Avolience 3:49Wonderwall - Oasis
195. "Magiadrive" turdl3 1:30Magic (Magia) - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
196. "Grand Park" TUWieZ 3:087 GRAND DAD
197. "West City Fucks" 9x9 Dvon 2:18Fuck You - Cee-Lo Green
198. "☆ESPERANTOゲッダン☆[Rockman Zero]" Jass 1:05Promise - Kohmi Hirose / 7 GRAND DAD
199. "Completely Isolated" Jass 1:19All By Myself - Eric Carmen / Nuggets (???)
200. "Double Fireflies" ICECOLDS 2:01Fireflies - Owl City
201. "WITCH HILL ZONE: CONTRACT 1 (Genesis Version)" Triple-Q 1:29Connect - ClariS (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
202. "At Doom's Gate but it never ends" Landy 3:42Intro loop / Drake and Josh Theme
203. "U.N. Owen Was Grand Dad?" Princess Sylvysprit 2:057 GRAND DAD
204. "March Ahead (Soundclown Edition)" Landy and Nape Mango 2:03Medley rip / Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
205. "Ware Wa Maverick Nari Ahahaha" Jass 1:05X vs Zero - Mega Man X5
206. "Wii Cuica Channel" Landy 0:29Cuica / Loud Nigra
207. "Dread of the Hoop" STKorporation 6:02Space Jam
208. "Hotline Dusk - Monobling" Uncle Fill 1:16Hotline Bling
209. "Old School Knuckles" BotanicSage 0:53Unknown from M.E.
210. "Final Soundclown Destination" Xarlable 2:55Medley rip
211. "Duke Halation" Triple-Q 2:14Snow halation
212. "No halation, No poporoN" Minus Θ Zero 1:32Snow halation
213. "Cryptrik Castle" TUWieZ 2:45Bodies / 7 GRAND DAD
214. "Fishy Half-Time" STKorporation 3:17Space Jam
215. "Crash Grandicoot" kony1015 1:22Air horns / 7 GRAND DAD
216. "Lying Grandly (Variation)" ZVAARI 3:177 GRAND DAD
217. "Song That Might Play When You Fight Sens" Blazephlozard 1:57Mother - Super Smash Bros. Melee / Medley rip / Sans is Ness
218. "Sharivan Roost Island" Eziam One 3:04Space Sheriff Sharivan Theme / Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)
219. "Bowser Wins A Lonely Heart" LuNiney 1:02Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes
220. "King MJ's Theme" McBedtime 1:38Beat It - Michael Jackson
221. "Grandle Dadble" Le Ruse Bird 1:367 GRAND DAD
222. "Fly in the Cold" Chaze the Chat and MtH 5:09Cold - Maroon 5
223. "Stunt Rally Desertertertertertertertertertert" LuNiney 0:487 GRAND DAD / Stuck chord
224. "Grand Theft Dad 7" NBGMusic 3:307 GRAND DAD
225. "Chip the High Quality Ripper" kony1015 1:40Chip tha Ripper
226. "Live and Ooooooooooooooh" PinkieOats 4:30Stuck chord
227. "This Act Contains Boss" Mr Lange 1:03Pingas (Adventures of Sonic)
228. "Kawaii Memes World" Eziam One 1:25Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) + 7 GRAND DAD + Meet the Flintstones (new lyrics)
229. "Mango Kart Daler Dash" IAmMelloYellow 1:51Tunak Tunak Tun - Daler Mehndi
230. "Grandtilda's Lair" Avolience 2:047 GRAND DAD / Da Funk - Daft Punk
231. "The Grand City of Fourside" McBedtime 1:547 GRAND DAD
232. "Gerudo Folks" Nib Roc 3:33Gossip Folks - Missy Elliott (ft. Ms. Jade, Ludacris)
233. "Mother Father Sherbet Land" MF PICKLE-O 2:48Gentleman - Psy
234. "Nascour Battle" coolguyomega 2:00Silence / Loud Nigra
235. "The Eyyygent Come Op at Psyght" Suneel Gurpur 1:29Gangnam Style / Super Sonic Racing - Sonic R
236. "Bitch You Ketchum" TailsChannel 2:13U Guessed It - OG Maco
237. "Crashing Mad" ur-a-loser 17:40Corruption
238. "The Fake Trio" Nape Mango 3:23Medley rip
239. "gR@ND-Man's World Metro-Cross - Start" Minus Θ Zero 2:11Atari 2600 Pac Man Startup / 7 GRAND DAD / GO MY WAY!! / ???
240. "Mokey's Speedway Africa" LuNiney 1:09Ice Cap Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles / 7 GRAND DAD / ??? - EarthBound / Tem Shop - Undertale
241. "High Quality Rip" Chaze the Chat 0:03A literal high quality rip
242. "Dankim Battle" turdl3 4:20Medley rip
243. "Grand Dad Metropolis" Shengda Baba 3:36Actual high quality rip (not 7 GRAND DAD)
244. "Wisp Halation" Triple-Q 2:53Snow halation
245. "The GiIvaSunner Staff Roll" MtH 6:007 GRAND DAD / Snow halation


  • The most used meme in this album is 7 GRAND DAD with 74 rips followed by Snow halation (20 rips), Vinesauce Joel, Loud Nigra and Gangnam Style (13 rips each).
  • The most prominent contributor to this album is Chaze the Chat with 13 rips followed by MtH (11 rips), Sir Spacebar and Xarlable (9 rips each).
  • The most ripped game in this album is Undertale with 17 rips followed by Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (7 rips) and Super Mario 64 (6 rips).
  • Exactly one year after the release of this album, it got updated by Wood Man (who was in charge of the Twitter account at the time[2]) for its anniversary:
    • nice patch notes version 1.01
    1. song number 21 is now credited to Chaze the Chat.
    2. song number 26 is now credited to xDEFCONx.
    3. song number 45, Death by Lucky Strike, has been replaced with Death by Lucky Strike (Remastered)
    4. song number 222, Fly in the Summer, has been replaced with Fly in the Cold
    5. song number 105, Bloopa's Road, has been replaced with Bloopa's Grand Hotline Road
  • Although it's hard to see on the album covers, the "Official GiIvaSunner Seal of Quality" actually says "Official GiIvaSunner Seal of High Quality Rips".
Official GiIvaSunner Seal of High Quality Rips

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  1. "ARSA" by IAmMelloYellow. Soundcloud
  2. SiiIvaGunner's Twitter - March 30, 2017

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December 2017: The SiIvaGunner YTPMV Collab (Eek​!​)​.​vegRipmasYour Onii​-​Chan's Favorite Rips!Rips of Christmas PastRips of Christmas FutureNow That's What I Call Quality!
April 2018: A High Quality Journey Through the UndergrandInspector Gunner 2 With CriticVideo Game Music to Do Your Taxes To
July 2018: SiIvaGunner's Highest Quality Rips Volume A
October 2018: STRINGS OF FATE ~ SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament Original Soundtrack