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Grand Dad Mania is a cancelled SiIvaGunner game that was originally a pastiche of Sonic Mania that was displayed as a High quality rip in Trailer Theme (In-Game Mix) - Sonic Mania.

Assets[1] for the game were released as it was announced to be cancelled[2].

Overview Edit

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The game was planned to be entirely based around the lore and memes of the channel, with playable characters even being based on figments.

The main character would be the titular Grand Dad who would be playable alongside Smol Nozomi and Loud Nigra. Each would seemingly have their own abilities as indicated by their sprites.

Builds Edit

The only playable build of the game is one that was specifically built for the trailer; it only has two levels (Grandiose City and Bedrock), the only playable character is Grand Dad, and it lacks any music (though it does have sound effects sometimes). As to be expected from a trailer build, the level design is basic and there are a multitude of bugs and glitches.

Within the unreleased assets, a video was shown of an unreleased 3DS build which seems to be more developed; sporting a new logo and a functioning title screen, though only a few seconds of gameplay were shown.

Characters Edit


Grand Dad was the main character and the only one seen functioning in game. He functions like he did in 7 GRAND DAD, although he has a new move in the "dash". He can attack with his club and also charge his club by pressing down and holding the attack button respectively. He is also able to do a small dance by holding down the down button.

Nozomi Idle

Smol Nozomi was a planned character. She could attack with and charge her hair, but seemingly also glide and run with it, spinning her twintails like propellers to glide or move faster[1].

Nigra Idle

Loud Nigra was also planned to make an appearance, though seemingly limited in his actions. He has a punching attack with no found charging animation and an idle animation where he takes the star of his crotch only to see an empty star-shaped hole that he stares at for a while before putting the star back[1].

Levels Edit

Bedrock is the starting level in the 3DS build, but the "secondary" level in the trailer build. It has few enemies, but all are dinosaur-esque, and it has Bedrock-styled houses all over the map.

Lvl final

Levels Edit


Note that the neon displaying "Fuck Bees" is changed to "Puzzle Room" in the actual build.

Grandiose City (known as level 2.5 within assets, but most likely Grandiose city due to the lighthouse being clearly visible and nearby) is the grand new level introduced to the GRAND DAD franchise. It features buildings covered in memes and references (all references are documented here). This level has extra background elements used for parallax scrolling.

Development Edit

The game was originally a joke when first shown with the trailer, but on October 25th 2016, MM102 announced that the game was being developed[3].

According to MM102 in the cancellation announcement, fans who started to actually make the game as "Grand Dad Mania" renamed it to "Grand Dad Remastered" to avoid confusion[2].

Eventually, due to the lack of focus within the development team, and how big of a game it actually had to be, the game was cancelled, with this being announced on February 22nd 2017[2]. The video uploaded was in a similar style to The nutshack theme but the first nutshack is replaced with me ending the channel, but instead the first nutshack was replaced with the game being cancelled. This video also has a link to the Dropbox page where the assets can be found[1].

On August 20th 2017, an announcement for Haltmann's Highest Quality Video Game Rips set in the style of the pre-order trailer for Sonic Mania, but replaced with footage of a more complete Grand Dad Mania, though it was later clarified that the game was still cancelled[4].

Fan-made revivals Edit

A modification for Sonic Mania that modded Nozomi Toujou was announced by the Twitter account @GrandDadMania on September 7. Originally called Nozomi Mania[5], the project eventually expanded its focus to not just Nozomi, but to a full modification of Sonic Mania into Grand Dad Mania. This change was announced on September 15 with the video "Nozomi Mania(?)'s Grand Announcement". The development team includes several SiIvaGunner contributors, such as CaptainComedyCrystalForceDead LineReach, and toonlink.

On September 24 the first alpha version of Grand Dad Mania remake on Unity was released as an early tech demo by Kolyasisan after quitting the "Grand Dad Mania Remastered" team when the development has gone to a halt. The project would later grow into a standalone fan-made game codenamed Grand Dad Mania: Revived. The game is being developed by a team separate from the original Grand Dad Mania team.

Trivia Edit


3DS build title

  • Despite the game being essentially nonexistent, there are still speedruns of the game. The current record for beating Grandiose City with any% is 29 seconds.
  • The logo used in the 3DS build can be found in the game assets. It has the pink text and almost identical font to the original 7 GRAND DAD, but with the "Mania" (high-quality) ripped straight from the Sonic Mania logo.
  • Despite Loud Nigra not having any sprites that suggest he can charge attacks, he has a red charging bar found in the HUD parts of the assets

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