Grandiose City is the city where (supposedly) SiIvaGunner and all his subscribers live. The majority of the SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis event takes place here.

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Grandiose City looks like a common American town, with a downtown surrounded by suburbs. During the SCCC, the Voice Inside Your Head used President Haltmann's technology to instantaneously sprout skyscrapers everywhere and overall modernize the city into a cyberpunk-like location.

SiIvaGunner's house Edit

The place where magic happens. It is from this house that SiIvaGunner supposedly uploaded all the high quality rips on his channel thanks to his computer. It was briefly took over by Wood Man during the SilvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special who redecorated the place to his likeness.

In the SCCC, the Voice broke into his house during his sleep to materialize figments into the real world and take control of the city. Despite all the commotion and even the roof being destroyed, it didn't wake up SiIvaGunner who is still asleep in his bed since the Channel Ending.

The Lighthouse Edit

see The Lighthouse
A mysterious place where memes meet each other and collide to create rips. The Voice modernized it with Haltmann's technology and claimed it as his new base of operation.

Rapper's Union crib Edit

The decrepit base of the Rapper's Union, from where they plotted and started the conquest of the city.

Gymnasium Edit

A large building where numerous citizens took refuge during the Voice's coup. It was later claimed by the Rapper's Union thanks to Smol Nozomi's help.

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