h3h3Productions Theme Song is a minor meme on SiIvaGunner's channel. This notoriously catchy and upbeat tune was created by MajorLeagueWobs / Holder.

History Edit

A shorter version of the tune is used by the YouTube reaction/vlog/meme channel h3h3Productions (Ethan and Hila Klein) in their video intros. They have also posted the full version of the h3h3Productions Theme Song as a standalone video on their second channel, featuring footage of a half-naked Ethan Klein dancing in front of a green screen. The channel is quite popular among the meme-loving public, so there's an obvious overlap between h3h3's and SiIvaGunner's viewerbases.

Rips Edit

See also: Category:Rips featuring h3h3Productions Theme Song

The song is referenced in high quality rips from time to time. Unlike some other YouTuber references like Angry Joe or Sans is Ness, it didn't spawn a major meme, however it nonetheless has been featured in several rips as the main joke, and gets included in medley rips as well. In some cases, the footage of Ethan Klein dancing in front of the greenscreen is also used, usually making Ethan dance in front of the ripped game's logo.

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