Haunted House (also known as Castle Boss or Cache Boss) is an 8-bit song composed by 8-Bit Beast, which was created in 2013 using Famitracker. The meme first appeared on SiIvaGunner on 16 September in Vampire Killer - Castlevania. It has become a recurring (and not well-recieved) meme in some of SiIvaGunner's Rips, due to sounding like a broken glitchy mess.

The song's first appearance was the first exposure to many of the regular SiIvaGunner viewers, who did not know of the origins of the song. They later discovered a video named "8-bit Shifter - Cache Boss", which was uploaded on the YouTube channel MattHubris on September 19 in 2016. It is apparently a bonus track from the bandcamp album Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5. The song starts off as a bright and upbeat remix of the original 8-Bit Beast song, but abruptly switches to an MIDI version that faithfully reproduces the caccophonic composition. With the increased attention that the video got, MattHubris uploaded another video a few days later, featuring the original song (titled "8-Bit Beast - Castle Boss"), thus giving the true source exposure.

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