"Hopes and Dreams - Undertale" is a high quality rip of "Hopes and Dreams" from the game Undertale.

Jokes Edit

At 0:11, the chorus part of "Snow halation" is played by a violin similar to the one in "Hopes and Dreams".

From 0:22 to the end, the song is mashed up with the "Snow halation" vocals. The chorus of "Snow halation" is also played by a synthesizer.

History Edit

This rip was originally uploaded on the GiIvaSunner channel on January 20, 2016.[1]

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References Edit

  1. GiIvaSunner: Explained tumblr post. It was reblogged by dante himself (dante's reblog), which gives it even more credibility.
  2. the nutshack theme but the first nutshack is replaced with me ending the channel: "Um... and then, I think Sir Spacebar was the one who sent me the first "Snow halation" rip, actually. Most people think it was Triple-Q, but it was actually d--, um, Sir Spacebar, and he did, um, the "Hopes and Dreams" "Snow halation" song, and... that one was really good, and it was, like, the fourth upload on the channel."