"I Love Her [Episode 10] - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" is a high quality lore video and the tenth episode of The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.

Plot Edit

In the Voice's tower, Haltmann finds Inspector Gadget breaking down and deactivating due to a copyright termination. Haltmann fumes, declaring that he will use SiIvaGunner's channel to produce rips that are high enough in quality that he can eventually sell the channel to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy and Snoop Dogg, the last two surviving members of the Rapper's Union following the previous episode's events, rally up Grandiose City's residents during the chaos that has broken out due to the Voice being deposed. Santa, Nozomi, and Meta Knight take note of the rallies and head to the Voice's tower, where they find the protesters being led by Loud Nigra. Loud Nigra breaks open the barricades to the tower, but when Santa, Nozomi, and Meta Knight enter, the floor opens up below them and they fall into a pit.

When they come to, the three head into a door and find a secret lab full of vats containing artificial Christmas Spirit. Files and papers strewn about indicate that the Spirit is being used to clone figments (including Cole Phelps, Adam Levine, and Egghead) and also grow the Voice's army. The three then head into another room, where they find a man standing in front of a large vat with a giant creature inside. When Santa tells the man to leave, the man refuses, saying that he plans to use the artificial Christmas Spirit to create his "wife". Santa then realizes that the man is none other than JustinRPG, and the creature in the vat is Reshiram. Santa pleads with Justin to stop, but Justin reveals that the Voice gave him the lab to fuel his takeover. Justin then activates a glass wall to separate himself from the three, but Nozomi breaks through. Justin desperately tries to summon Reshiram, typing commands into a computer. However, as he does so, the power overloads, and the Voice reveals himself through the overhead speakers, disapproving heavily of Justin's actions. Justin pleads with the Voice not to take Reshiram away, and the Voice says he would not be unkind enough to do such a thing. He barricades the entrance and the remaining machinery finally summons Reshiram. However, Reshiram lunges at Justin as the Voice says "be careful for what you wish for", and devours him.

Suddenly, the power returns as the Voice mocks Santa through the speakers. A huge monster then emerges from the vat; it is revealed to be Ju'Reshoggoth, a grotesque hybrid of Justin and Reshiram. The monster battles the three, destroying one of the Smolitzer's arms with a Fusion Flare. As the creature lunges at Nozomi, Santa jumps in the way, losing one of his arms in the process. With Santa incapacitated, Ju'Reshoggoth swats Meta Knight out of the way and knocks him out. As Ju'Reshoggoth prepares to blast a Blue Flare at Nozomi, Santa returns, now powered by Christmas Spirit. Santa jumps at Ju'Reshoggoth but he just swallows him. As Ju'Reshoggoth gloats and prepares to attack Nozomi again, Santa punches his way out of Ju'Reshoggoth's stomach and blasts a Coal Cannon into the resulting hole, killing Ju'Reshoggoth.

Following the battle's aftermath, Santa, Nozomi, and Meta Knight decide to move on and save the world

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Time stamp Track / rip name Note
0:09 - Act 1 Boss (Sonic 3) - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Gadget's theme

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Trivia Edit

  • The catchphrase in the video description is a reference to the 12 Days of Ripmas.
  • When this episode was uploaded, the thumbnails of the other CCC episodes were changed to include their episode numbers.
  • The opening scene plays out almost exactly like "An announcement from your new leader"
  • The Galactic Federation is a reference to the main antagonists of Season 3 of Rick and Morty.
  • The Gogol Empire is a reference to the main antagonists of Space Dandy. Dr. Gel appears when Haltmann mentions it.
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