"Introduction - Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017" is 'The full introduction to Nintendo's E3 programme" from E3 2017.


The rip is an AMUNO video parodying the opening of Nintendo's E3 2017 conference.

The video starts with the Nintendo Switch Parental Control video where by the time Bowser shows up, the fact is, you're watching an AMUNO rip. Bowser tells Bowser Jr. to go have lunch but Bowser Jr. refuses and calls his father a 'geek' and a 'faggot', Jr. still refuses to stop playing, thus, enraging Bowser.

The video then transitions to a close-up of Satoru's coat where Hiro Hito asks the cameraman to zoom out. Once the camera issue is fixed, we are greeted by Satoru Iwata Shippuden; the Supreme Boss of Nintendo China who is about to reveal a new console for 'hardcore gamers and for adults'. Just before they reveal it, an image of a man holding a portrait of Satoru appears in Satoru's hand.

The trailer begins with a logo for Nintendo Chicha, later showing footage of the process in making chicha while the song used in the Nintendo Switch reveal plays. After it ends, Shippuden begins to talk about the new console and reveal one of the upcoming games.

As it starts, we finally get the signature AMUNO intro. Next, we have a trailer for the French film Brice de Nice, where you play as Brice, who is a surfer as well as his friends, Marius and Igor. In order to progress through the game, you need to 'break the people', the release date has yet to be determined.

As the trailer ends, we cut back to Satoru at his house where the cameraman has followed him back. Satoru then comments about the portrait behind him and informs us that it is a picture of his wife and daughter and then gets back on track to where they asked a 'weak white boy' and an 'african nigger boy'. The former talks about his family and how the Chicha gave him rotten teeth, the latter explains how after the release of the console, his business had increased. During the interview with the 'nigger boy', text above him that reads 'find name of music to win a game!!!'

It then cuts back to Shippuden, now with a photo of Osama Bin Laden at a mountain instead of his family; segwaying into the list of games released by talking about his friend Jean Claude VanDame who played: "The Legend of Chicha: Chicha de la Nature", "Mario Chicha Deluxe" and obviously, "Grand Theft Chicha", all made by the supreme boss of everyone, AMUNO. It closes of with Satoru insulting Capitalist America.

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