"Katamari On The Rocks - Katamari Damacy" is a high quality rip of "Katamari On The Rocks" from the game Katamari Damacy.

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The rip is actually a medley featuring a large number of references. The track is mashed up with several sources, while some like "Gabe the Dog" and "Jack Black defines Octagon" are pitch-shifted to the tune of the song. The rip also uses an external sample with the "Meet the Flintstones" and "Snow halation" melodies.

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0:00 "Katamari on the Rocks" Katamari Damacy
0:08 FUCK RICK ROLL'D I WANT MY ANIME!!!! karmastar312
0:13 SKULL TRUMPET Piepuppy89
0:13 "Pretty Boy Swag" Soulja Boy
0:25 Gabe the Dog pitch-shifted to "Katamari on the Rocks" deathtrips / gravycp
0:40 Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD Vinesauce Joel
0:49 Katamari Nah-Nah [2] Katamari Damacy
"Meet the Flintstones" Hoyt Curtin
1:16 "Hard in da Paint" Waka Flocka Flame
1:23 "Fuck you." / Fagakki Lords of the Locker Room / VAN-sama
1:25 "Steppin' on the beach" "Walking Small" - SpongeBob SquarePants
1:28 "Doin' Your Mom" Fatty Spins (Ray William Johnson)
"Dogsong" Undertale
1:30 "A bomb!" JC Denton - Deus Ex
1:31 "Guillotine" Death Grips
1:37 "Forever" Drake featuring Kanye West,
Lil Wayne, Eminem
1:52 Gabe the Dog deathtrips / gravycp
1:58 "Hammer" [3] Keedy Black
2:04 Jack Black defines Octagon Sesame Street
2:10 "The Real Slim Shady" Eminem
2:17 "All Star" Smash Mouth
2:28 "Gangnam Style" PSY
2:34 Gabe the Dog deathtrips / gravycp
2:39 Joel's reaction 7 GRAND DAD Vinesauce Joel
2:41 Katamari Nah-Nah Katamari Damacy
"Snow halation" µ's
3:04 DK Rap Donkey Kong 64
3:28 M.Bison YES! YES! "The Medium is the Message" - Street Fighter
3:30 "Kyoto" Skrillex featuring Sirah
3:32 "Move That Dope" Future featuring Pharrell Williams, Pusha T, and Casino
"Bangarang" Skrillex featuring Sirah
3:55 "Mighty Morphin Foreskin" Captain Murphy
4:19 Loud Nigra Creampie Cathy
4:21 "Fuck you!" JonTron
4:22 "Space Jam" Quad City DJs
4:55 "American Idiot" Green Day
5:00 "Takyon (Death Yon)" Death Grips
5:01 "Meet the Flinststones" Hoyt Curtin
5:25 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme Song Will Smith
5:36 "I wonder what's for dinner." Zelda CD-I: Wand of Gamelon
5:37 Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD Vinesauce Joel
"Take On Me" a-ha
5:43 "I Don't Fuck with You" Big Sean featuring E-40
5:49 Loud Nigra Creampie Cathy

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