"Last Goodbye (Beta Mix) - Undertale" was a high quality rip of "Last Goodbye (Beta Mix)" from the game Undertale.

Jokes Edit

This was a blue balls rip. The beginning of the rip looped over and over again[1][2][3][4].

History Edit

This rip was uploaded on the original GiIvaSunner channel, most likely on January 29, 2016. The GiIvaSunner: Explained tumblr lists the date as "January 20, 2016"[5], but places the rip between Last Goodbye (Alternate Mix) - Undertale (January 29, 2016) and My Room (Naturale) - Hatsune Miku Project Mirai 2 (January 31, 2016)[6][7][8], so considering that the GiIvaSunner: Explained tumblr otherwise puts all rips in a chronological order, it's probably just a typo for "January 29, 2016". This is especially likely since the Last Goodbye (Alternate Mix) - Undertale rip, uploaded earlier on January 29, 2016, was originally titled Last Goodbye - Undertale, so it makes sense that Last Goodbye (Beta Mix) - Undertale would be uploaded after it.

This rip hasn't been officially reuploaded since the GiIvaSunner channel's termination.

Trivia Edit

  • This rip was referenced in a tweet by Temmie Chang, one of the artists for Undertale[9].

References Edit

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