Life Will Change - Persona 5 is a high quality workout by SiIvaGunner of "Life Will Change" from Altus's game Persona 5.

Joke Edit

The rip is a "cover" of a Bowflex™ advertisement. An unknown singer praises the various features of the Bowflex™ to the melody and instrumental of "Life Will Change".

A "Skip Ad" button common for YouTube advertisements appears on the right side of the screen, but clicking it links to "Start OF THE END - Yakuza: Dead Souls", another Bowflex™ rip.

Lyrics Edit

It's not a game, I'm not a diet plan
I'm challenging you!
I'm burning fat and I'm building muscle
I'm here to see it through!

30 exercise, muscles multiply!
Work your body right, it's time!
Versatile bench, lets you spread your legs.
Life is better fit, start it!

Numerous workout options,
and triple function handgrips!
Multiple cable pulley
can adapt to any change!
Two hundred pound resistance
for a quality workout!
With the new Bowflex™ system
Don't you know your life will change!

(Second verse is only in "Dancing" live cover.)

There ain't no shame
I'm not judgmental of your
Out-of-shape bod!

We're taking fitness
Making it witless
With Bowflex™ Power Rods!

Get up out of bed
Get up out of breath
Blood runs through your head
Good start!

Work out through the pain
Look out for your gains
Your own body will fall apart

Promotional financing!
Seventy dollars monthly
For an eighteen month period:
Thirteen hundred bucks plus change!

With free shipping and handling,
No-questions-asked returning
With the new Bowflex™ system
Now we know your life will change!