SiIvaGunner's love for memes is common knowledge. When he's not referencing currently popular memes or creating new ones, he likes to delve deep into the history of Internet and unearths classic old memes from the days of yore, some forgotten, some aged like fine wine.

On this page, you'll find a list of old memes that SiIvaGunner has featured in his high quality video game rips. By "old memes", we mean memes that are at least 5 years older than a rip's upload date.

1998 Edit

All Your Base Are Belong To Us Edit

2004 Edit

Crawling in My Skin Edit

see Crawling

Nigga Stole My Bike Edit

Numa Numa Edit

2005 Edit


2006 Edit

Caramelldansen Edit

Leekspin / Loituma Girl / Ievan Polkka Edit


2007 Edit

Chocolate Rain Edit

Marisa Stole the Precious Thing Edit

Rickroll Edit

see Never Gonna Give You Up

You Are a Pirate / LOL, Limewire Edit

2008 Edit

Cooking by the Book Edit

Loss.jpg Edit

YES! YES! Edit

2009 Edit

Keyboard Cat Edit

Oh yeah, Mr. Krabs! Edit

see Mr Krabs

2010 Edit

Best Cry Ever Edit

Can Can YTPMVs Edit

This Video Contains X Edit

Trololo Edit

2011 Edit

Friday by Rebecca Black Edit

Get Noscoped! Edit

Nyan Cat Edit

Skull Trumpet Edit

Supa Hot Fire Edit

Thread Simulators Edit