For an earlier GiIvaSunner rip with the same title, see Luigi's Mansion - Mario Kart DS (GiIvaSunner).

"Luigi's Mansion - Mario Kart DS" is a high quality rip of "Luigi's Mansion" from the game Mario Kart DS.

Jokes Edit

The melody is replaced with We Are Number One, as well as some other memes. The original melody briefly returns near the end, and the rip turns into a blue balls rip, with the melody getting higher and higher. At the end, we hear Loud Nigra's scream, which is cut short.

Joke list Edit

Time Track Source
0:00 Luigi's Mansion Mario Kart DS
0:04 We Are Number One Máni Svavarsson
0:28 Meet the Flintstones Hoyt Curtin
0:35 Snow halation μ's
0:43 The Simpsons Theme Danny Elfman
0:51 We Are Number One Máni Svavarsson
1:23 Luigi's Mansion (getting progressively higher) Mario Kart DS
1:41 Loud Nigra BIG Ben

Trivia Edit

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