The MAGFest SiIvaGunner panel was a panel hosted by members of the SiIvaGunner team at MAGFest 2018. An "official mirror" was uploaded as "High Quality Rips Panel - Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center". (The true mirror is "The SiIvaGunner Panel at Super MAGFest 2018: Official Cringe Compilation".)

Summary Edit

On November 13, 2017, the SiIvaGunner team announced that they were guests at MAGfest through the video "A MAGnificent Announcement (SilvaGunner at MAGFest 2018!)".

During MAGfest, the team hosted several streams:

  • "MAGFest with Gadget" on January 3, 2018.
  • January 4, 2018: "Live A Live Live", "- intermission -", "Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix lv1 CM", "Mario kart 8".

The panel was hosted on January 6, 2018 at 8:00PM, with a signing six hours before from 2:00 to 3:00 PM[1].

During the panel, members of the team talked about the SiIvaGunner channel, including its time as GiIvaSunner, the Reboot, the Channel Ending, The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis, the Monochrome Pause, the various takeovers (Inspector Gadget, Reboot Anniversary, Wood Man), and 2018's Season 3 while they wait for the CCC to finish. ShonicTH hosted a segment on making a rip. After this, Chaze the Chat announced that Grand Dad would appear in Episode 11 of the CCC. Then, a Q&A segment was held where fans asked the team several questions. A music video for My Way (short ver.) - The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Original Soundtrack was shown as the "MAGFest trailer" for the CCC, and then the team thanked the audience with "Minecraft with Gadget".

Attendees were given access to the album Now That's What I Call Quality!, which was not released publicly until over a month later.

Panel hosts Edit

(from right to left)

Transcript Edit

[Trailer plays]

[Crowd cheers as the trailer ends]

Mic checks Edit

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[During the mic checks the trailer plays again]

Chaze the Chat: "What's happenin', forum?"

Matsu Muhō: "Epic."

yodooder: "Uh, hi."

PinkieOats: "I'm Bob Dylan~."

ShonicTH: "Hey, gamers."

Matsu: "Hey, gamers."

trivial171: "Hello."

Pinkie: "I'm Bob Dylan~"

Shonic: "Hey, gamers."

Chaze: "Epic."

Hinchy: "CG"

yodoooder: "Gay."

Matsu: "Grand"

yodooder: [responding to an audience member] "One day, though."

Hinchy: [responding to an audience member] "I don't know what you're talking about. This is just, um- This is just the- uh, Gaylord Hotel infomercial."

yodooder: "Yeah that's all that is, really. That just plays all the time and every band[?]"

Hinchy: "Yeah it just loops at you're, uh-"

Pinkie: "What's up everyone? silvany-dam-tano [???] here."

[The trailer ends (again), and the crowd begins chanting "one more time!"]

[The trailer repeats again]

[After the third time:]

Hinchy: "There's five more minutes, guys."

Matsu: "It's just on loop, guys."

yodooder: "Yeah just- it's gonna play by itself. You don't have to worry about it. It's just the hotel's video."

Hinchy: "Yeah. We can't start playing our own video, you know, until at least 8 o' clock, so- this is going to [unintelligible, sounds like "play by itself"]"

[The crowd begins clapping to the background music]

[After a few more loops (and several rounds of "one more time!"), they stop playing the trailer.]

Introductions Edit

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trivial171: "I don't know what the panel does, do you? I don't know."

[Crowd member 1: "Play Undertale!" Crowd member 2: "NO!"]

Chaze the Chat: "Hey everybody I'm here with my good friend SiIvaGunner. How's the panel SiIvaGunner?"

trivial: "I'm having a lot of fun." [Crowd member: "YES!" *claps furiously*]

Chaze: "We've got a lot of fun stuff planned for today um I'm chase and I started the SiIvaGunner. Um-

[Crowd cheers]

Chaze: "Um, if you aren't exactly aware of what Siivagunner is, it's a channel, that, um... like- it's [unintelligible]. It's a channel where we upload unedited video game music. No, but seriously I'm gonna drop that act 'cause, um, it's a panel. and- we basically changed the melody or just change it into something completely different, something completely unexpected, um, and whether that be a new song, um, a different arrangement um, a funny joke-" [audience members shout the names of a few siivagunner memes] um, just in general it's supposed to be just for the entertainment so, um, we're gonna start by introducing the rest of the team here. Um- You wanna start, Matsu?

Matsu Muhō: "Uh, okay, sure. Yeah, I'm Matsu, I joined, uh, back in May of 2016 became a manager August 2016, um, I mostly make like rips of obscure games, um, to chiptunes and stuff. Yeah. [Audience applauds.] Mhm. Mm."

[Crowd claps]

yodooder: "Yeah, I'm yodooder, that's uh- I joined in July and I became a manager in September. I'm mostly responsible for the Bowflex joke as well as uh i did a lot of SMT rips and things like that but the Bowflex jokes are what I'm most known for." [Crowd: "Ian Smosh!"] "I'm not Ian from Smosh."

Hinchy: "Hi I'm, uh, Hinchy uh I joined the- I started submitting in March of 2016, I became a manager early 2017, uh, I brought the laptop. and uh-" [Crowd: "Yeah!"] "Uh, I'm one of the- I-I-I- I submitted several rips for our um Totino's Mania thing." [Crowd: "Yeah!"] "But you know- I'm known mostly for creating the Coconut Gun rap." [Crowd cheers.]

Chaze: "Okay. Like I said earlier I'm Chaze and I started the channel so I joined back in January of 2016. Um, and I've trying [sic] to make a wide variety of rips um I've mostly done games I like but then if I've heard a song that um, from a game I've never played and it's really good I'll do a rip of it um-"

[Hinchy leans in to tell Chaze something]

Chaze: "What?"

[Chaze leans back to reply.]

Chaze: "Oh- um- but- um- yeah- um- I've made an appearance on every single SiIvaGunner album. Um, I'm the only one to have perfect attendance (laughs) um and I really like Maroon 5 so um, so yeah uh there's like a Maroon 5 um reference in like every single one of our albums. So yeah (laughs)."

ShonicTH: "How's it going, I'm Shonic, uh I joined the team in march of 2016 and I became a manager in September of 2016, and I'm responsible for a lot of the Kingdom Hearts rips like Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories."

[Crowd cheers.]

PinkieOats: "Hey everybody I'm PinkieOats uh I joined around March 2016 I'd say. Um... I, am... Bob Dylan~ ooo~. And um I did all of the Etika rips and um..."

[The team talk among themselves for a moment]

Pinkie: "Oh, and of course Live and oooooooooo."

Hinchy: "Hear me people in the audience. Believe that tonight, sitting on stage here at MAGFest, [is] the nobel prize winner Bob Dylan. For real. The real Bob Dylan."

Pinkie: "I smoke the weeeeeed."

trivial: "Hey I'm trivial171. I make rips of various games including some very obscure ones like Simple DS Series Vol 1 - The Mahjong." [Crowd loses it] "And I'm back. Uh, alright, enough about- one last thing to say before we go into the next part of the panel. In this bag we've got some album codes. So this is for a special exclusive album only for MAGFest attendees, so after the panel is over please come up here and grab one and you can get a copy of the album for free. And there's no other way to obtain this album right now..."

[Crowd cheers]

trivial:"...until someone else puts this online."

Shonic: "We request that you please do not do that, but- If you do that there's nothing else we can do to stop you, so please don't."

The History of SiIvaGunner Edit

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trivial171: "Okay. So now we're going to talk about the history of the channel."

Chaze the Chat: "Okay so I'm going to take the helm on this one. Um, like I said, I started the channel in January of 2016 and... the reason why I did this was, um... I had just- first I made the first rip which... was, um... the Ruby and sapphire pokemon battling theme. I just changed it to The Flintstones theme. Um, and, um, it was just, like, supposed to be a little joke that I made for my friends and... my friends really seemed to find it really funny, so I uploaded it to my SoundCloud and then- [Audience member: "Yeah SoundCloud!"] I had an idea, like, what if I uploaded it and pretended it was real- like, pretended it was a real song, um... So, after I uploaded it- or, well, first I needed a channel and I thought [of] GilvaSunner the music video uploader- he was- he was popular, so I was like, let's make him, um, so, like, I basically made GiIvaSunner which was supposed to pose as him, and I uploaded the first rip as... like, basically matching his format as best I could, um, and then one of my friends noticed it and was like, "Hey can I upload something?" And I was like, "Sure." So then he sent me a rip and then we just kept expanding and more of my friends started submitting things and it just kinda... kinda blew up, um, and then we had multiple celebr- or like, internet celebrities find it and start promoting us on like Twitter and stuff and that lead to increasing in subscribers at a massive rate."

yodooder: "Yeah actually special shoutouts to Temmie who's up next after us. She retweeted us and, like, we got pretty big right after that anyway so [unintelligible, sounds like "everyone can go back"]"

Hinchy: "And right around this time, you know, I was just no one I didn't know any of these people and a friend of mine just one day he sent me sent me a video it was- it looked like it was from giivasunner, said uh, "Delfino Plaza - Super Mario Sunshine" [Crowd reacts.] "And down the rabbit hole I went." [Crowd laughs.]

Chaze: "okay so after- around this time, um, I started planning the first album because i was like 'okay we're getting big and people are starting to get curious, um, who's making the songs or whatever. So, um, I started planning hte laubm and um the production of the first album was really stressful for me because i had never done this sort of thing before i had to coordinate things with everyone um, um the trailer like, was given to me 5 hours before the album was supposed to come out so it was- it was really stressful but um we eventually got it out and um i think the first album was one of our best despite it having some ["theory"] problems and just all around kind of messiness and um that lead into um a few days later we ended up getting shut down. the original giivasunner channel got shut down and on april, um, fifth or sixth uh- one of those days... "

Hinchy: "It's worth noting that the real gilvasunner was cool with us. We actually had just done an april fools thing where we basically swapped for a day, uh, the real giivasunner uploaded one of our 'high quality rips', and we just uploaded real actual unaltered game music that sounded like it was going to turn into the flintstones but it didn't." [windows alert sound plays]. "Oh go on, go away I don't need [unintelligible as crowd becomes rowdy]" "I ju- I just reinstalled windows 10 there is nothing bad on this machine... except for Wood Man"

How to Make a RipEdit

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CCC AnnouncementsEdit

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Q & A Edit

Ground rules Edit

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Hinchy: "Yeah, it's uh, it's time to open up the floor for uh Q&A if you would please line up in front of the microphone and please, uh, just a couple of ground rules real quick. One: keep it to one question per person please; Two: can uh- please no just- joke / meme questions, we- we like fun, unexpected questions, for sure, but don't just- y'know come up and say, uh..."

Shonic: "Don't ask 'cause we already know what the PPAP song is. We already know-"

Hinchy: "There we go, exactly."

yodooder: "Yeah, we have a finite amount of time"

Hinchy: "Don't come up here and ask 'Why must I Chaze the Cat?' [Slight pause] And, finally... no requests. Do not request us to make a rip."

Chaze: "Do not request to make a rip because, um, it all depends on how easy it is to make a rip, how it- yeah- "

Hinchy: "And we all have all kinds of projects we're working on right now-"

(Asker #1: "This mic is as big as me...")

Matsu Muhō: "I mean, we just showed you how to make rips, so if you want something made, like, seriously give it a try and make it yourself."

[yodooder and Hinchy talking over one another:] yodooder: "It's- it's a really good approximation of what we just got"

Hinchy: "It- to get you- So many people got started on the channel because of exactly that. They wanted to hear something so they decide to make it themselves and now they're a part of our team."

Question 1: "Is SoundCloud dead?" Edit

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Asker #1: "Are we starting now?"

Hinchy: "So I guess we are."

Asker: "Okay... is SoundCloud dead? 'Cause I've been trying to upload them to them to my soundcloud because you bascially devolved my soundcloud into my meme thing like they always make a ton. it's [removed] (that's my soundcloud, Shh) but is it dead because some of my stuff gets more uploads than others i think my highest for some reason my highest downloaded thing of mine is this stupid kids bop I made in the wub machine is like 87 downloads and that's like my most-listened-to post, but is it dead because it feels like that contributes to the thing too, because like a lot of you guys do your work on that because I've noticed that?"

Hinchy: "We've been kind of sort of grown from the s- what they called the SoundClown community um-"

Asker: "I miss that community very dearly."

Chaze: "Just a site note: I really hate the term soundclown so um yeah."

(Hinchy: "Me too.")

Asker: "Sound rip? i don't know-"

yodooder: "I don't upload to soundcloud any more uh... [several people start to say something, but trail off] personally."

Shonic: "I've honestly never really used SoundCloud. I made an account but just like I upload a couple stu- things and I'm just like 'I'm better off just uploading to Siiva.'"

Matsu: "I don't think anyone here is an authority on whether or not SoundCloud is dead. I don't think it's an uh, applicable question."

yodooder: "I don't really know anything about SoundCloud or use it or ever pay attention- (Asker: "Also...") to it."

Chaze: "I- (Asker: "One more question...") I- uh, um, ooh, only one question, sorry."

Asker: "I love you guys, by the way, too."

Chaze and Shonic: "Oh yeah! Thank you so much."

yodooder: "Well that's a statement, you can give as many statements as you want."

Hinchy: "I-i-i-i-i-it's worth noting, um, it's worth pointing out that, like, while I'm not like i use soundcloud a little bit but from people i've heard that have used it more they've made a lot of unpopular decisions and continue to make unpopular decisions and that might have something to do with the fact that it's been getting less activity lately, but... That's secondary information, but it's worth pointing out."

Matsu: "Okay, uh, next question. Next question, please."

Question 2: "How long did the Christmas Mega Man rip take to make?" Edit

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Asker #2: "How long did the Christmas Mega Man rip, that came out I believe last year- wasn't that a couple hours long- how long did that take to make?"

Question 3: "How did 'Snow halation' become a thing?" Edit

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Asker #3: "Hey. So, uh, how did 'Snow halation' first become a thing, like who instigated that and were you guys surprised by the traction that got?"

Question 4: [Airhorn noise] Edit

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[Audience member: "Shut up."]

Asker #4: "Shut up. I got a question for you, okay? Hold on, [let me] get it prepared on my phone 'cause I'm so nervous. Hold on. [Plays airhorn noise, people laugh.] D-do you have like an answer for that?"

Chaze the Chat: "I have a request. "

Asker: "Yeah?"

Chaze: "It's five nights at snop dog."

Asker: "Snop dogs? Snop dogs you idiot- okay, nevermind. I love you guys, so much."

[Multiple replies of "Thank you" from the team.]

"Question" 5: A gift to Chaze Edit

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Asker #5: "Hi SiIvaGunner team."

Question 6: "Who would win, L.A.M.A.J. or ERIOIOIRE?" Edit

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Asker #6: ""

Question 7: "How do you feel about being the reason why there are more Love Live fans out there?" Edit

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Asker #7: ""

Question 8: "Would you consider collaborating with more live performances?" Edit

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Asker #8: ""

Question 9: "What SoundFonts do you use for the NES rips?" Edit

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Hinchy: "Okay, quicker questions, quicker answers, let's go."

Asker #9: "Alright, my question is short. What SoundFonts do you use for the older stuff, like NES? Do you use stuff that comes with FL Studio, or...?"

Question 10: "What communities do you participate in outside of SiIvaGunner?" Edit

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Asker #10: ""

Question 11: "Where does your logo come from?" Edit

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Asker #11: ""

Question 12: "Who did the Flat Zone 2 rip? / Why aren't you performing live?" Edit

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Asker #12: ""

Question 13: "Vinesauce Joel has been a large part of the channel's identity. What was your relationship with Joel like during your collaborations?" Edit

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Asker #13: ""

Question 14: "Do you have plans for more collabs like the Wood Man Fusion Collab?" Edit

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Asker #14: ""

Question 15: "What software other than Famitracker do you use?" Edit

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Asker #15: ""

Question 16: "Were there any rips that you tried your best to do, but didn't work out?" Edit

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Asker #16: ""

Question 17: "What's the most memorable YouTube you've received?" Edit

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Asker #17: ""

Question 18: "Do any of you play any instruments?" Edit

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Asker #18: ""

Question 18: "Who is in charge of the Rhythm Heaven Remix 10 rips and how long do they take to make?" Edit

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Chaze the Chat: "Um, this is going to be the last question (Hinchy: "Yes, unfortunately.") because we have a video we need to show at the end."

Hinchy: "We do have a special thing"

Chaze: "Um, but, um, if you have any more questions we're gonna be around after the show."

Hinchy: "Yeah, we will stick around for a little while so please come up and ask."

Chaze: "Come up to us. We can take pictures and stuff, too, it'll be fun. "

yodooder: "Yeah we won't bite."

PinkieOats: "And don't forget about the album codes"

Chaze: "Yeah, the album codes."

yodooder: "Album codes, come get 'em."

Hinchy: "Get those album codes."

[Audience member yells something.]

Chaze: "Okay."

Hinchy: "Okay, Last question, make it good."

Asker #18: "My absolute favorite rips are every single Rhythm Heaven Remix 10 rips. I was- I was- wondering who's in charge of those and how long do they take to make?"

Thanks and GoodbyesEdit

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  1. Tweet by @GiIvaSunner