Main Menu (Unused) is a rip from Garry's Mod with a video component. Note that Garry's Mod does not have in-game music in its default form.

Contents of the rip Edit

The rip starts with brief silence, continued by a short clip of Angry German Kid yelling followed by stock laughing sound effects.

The story begins with Carl getting thrown outside a police car in front of his house. Carl then greeted by Big Smoke and he start lecturing Carl before launch him into the house.

Big Smoke then eats a cheeseburger before inflates and blows himself in comical way, cue Ryder introduction. Ryder then greets Carl, asking if Carl will leave the gang cue his refusal, but suddenly halted by Ryder, smoking his cannabis and goes high and floating. Carl then kicked him upstairs, enter his brother Sweet's room cue Sweet inviting him to join his game. Carl accepts his over and play NES until nighttime. Outside there's Venom Snake having a problem with his iDroid before exploding and burning him alive. Sins of the Father plays until nighttime.

During the night, two members of the Ballas gang attempt to upload a mashup to the GiIvaSunner channel. The Grove Street Families are alerted by a mashup alarm in their sleep and System of a Down's "Vicinity of Obscenity" plays in the background. CJ locates the location of the mashup and calls the gang in for their next operation.

The gang proceeds to the location of the two Ballas' residence and knock on the door. The Balla who began the upload for the mashup is woken up by the Grove Street Families members talking outside (as well as Houston yelling at him to "Get the fuck up!"). The Balla answers the door and realizes that the knocker was Ryder. The Balla tries to call the other member, but is punched in the testicles by Ryder. The Grove Street Families enters the house afterward, and CJ locates the computer uploading the mashup, managing to cancel the upload.

After cancelling the upload, CJ makes a call to his client. The client (heavily implied to be Mr Rental) promises to compensate the Grove Street Families for banning the mashup and tells them he will speak with them later. CJ then drives the gang home, getting into an argument with Ryder about his driving on the way.

Trivia Edit

  • The video is reminiscent of the style of the late kitty0706, a well-known Garry's Mod stop-motion machinima artist.
  • The rip implies that Mr Rental rents the services of others in his mashup crusade.
    • The Mashup Alarm uses Microsoft Sam, the same text-to-speech voice used for Mr Rental.
    • The silhoutette shown is that of Mr Rental, and the room he is in is similar to that of his first appearance.
  • Houston from PAYDAY 2 and Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V make a brief appearance on the video.
  • A running gag occurred with Ryder telling Carl not to hit the car on a tree or flip the car, only to have Carl crashed on a tree and flipped the car on the parkway.
  • At 3:50, the rip Professor E. Gadd - Luigi's Mansion can be heard briefly in the background.