"Main Theme (OST Version)" is a rip of "Main Theme (OST Version)" from Mighty No. 9.

Jokes Edit

The rip is mm2wood.mid put through GXSCC, a tool that automatically creates chiptunes from MIDIs. This is the first appearance of mm2wood on the channel. The rip doesn't actually contain the main theme of Mighty No. 9.

The video is a follow-up to the rip "Main Theme - Mighty No. 9", which is a parody video apologizing that this rip was being delayed, just like how the game was.

It was decided to make an intentionally bad rip, because the game turned to be average[1][2], and mm2wood.mid was chosen as a bad and very inaccurate MIDI of "Wood Man" from Mega Man 2. GXSCC was used because it is an in-joke in the chiptune community, infamous for its misuse by non-musicians. The rip intentionally uses GXSCC's default settings, which emulate the MSX, not the NES, a mistake commonly made by people who make "8-Bit Remixes" with GXSCC, despite the fact that the MSX's wavetable synthesis sounds nothing like the NES's PSG synthesis.

At the 1:18, an Avast alert message appears warning that the video is infected with "URL:rip_of_shit_game". The text-to-speech voice "WiseGuy" from VoiceForge (the voice used to represent SiIvaGunner) accompanies the message with "Caution: A virus has been detected".

This is a reference to a Tweet from June 2016 showing that Avast (a free anti-malware program) thought Mighty No. 9 was a computer virus.

Main Theme (OST Version) - Mighty No. 9 - Avast Alert

Avast alert message: "Caution: a virus has been detected."

History Edit

The rip was released on June 21, 2016, the release date of Mighty No. 9 in North America.

This rip and "Main Theme - Mighty No. 9" were collaborations between multiple different members. After one member suggested that the Mighty No. 9 rip should be GXSCC, Matsu Muhō proposed the use of mm2wood.mid, a file a friend of his found when looking for bad MIDIs.

Another member created the Avast warning image, and this video was finally edited and rendered by Matsu Muhō[3].

The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Edit

In the CCC episode "Old Times", The Voice Inside Your Head reveals that Wood Man was created in this rip as the supposed virus.

This rip was referenced in "Main Theme (Origin) - Mighty No. 9", a high quality rip explaining Wood Man's origin.

Trivia Edit

  • The rip was put into an album over a year later after its release.

References Edit

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