Main Theme (Unused Version) - Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends is a high quality rip of "Main Theme (Unused Version)" from the game Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends.

Jokes Edit

This is a mashup with the song "Come On" by Notorious B.I.G. The music from the game starts off normally, but the melody changes to the tune of Meet the Flintstones at 0:14, a reference to the Main Theme - Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends rip. This rip is also likely a reference to Thomas the Dank Engine by ICTON.

Lyrics Edit

Come on, come on motherfuckers
Come on motherfuckers, come on
Come on motherfuckers, come on
Come on motherfuckers, come on
Come on motherfuckers, come on

Release the brainstorm, to make your motherfucking brain warm
A strange form, something kind of lyrical
Biggie the bastard, Sadat's kind of spiritual
Well in God we trust, guns I bust
Got that disgusting, sewer-style dumping
And, uh, do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that I bring?

I got seven Mac-11's, about eight .38's
Nine 9's, ten Mac-10's the shits never end
You can't touch my riches
Even if you had MC Hammer and them 357 bitches
Biggie Smalls, the millionaire, the mansion, the yacht
The two weed spots, the two hot Glocks
Huh, that's how I got the weed spot
I shot dread in the head, took the bread and the Lambsbread
Lil' Gotti got the shotty to your body
So don't resist or you might miss Christmas
I tote guns, I make number runs
I give MCs the runs dripping
When I throw my clip in the AK, I slay from far away
Everybody hit the D-E-C-K
My slow flows remarkable, peace to Matteo
Now we smoke weed like Tony Montana sniff the yayo
That's crazy blunts, mad L's
My voice excels from the avenue to jail cells
Oh my God I'm dropping shit like a pigeon
I hope you're listening, smacking babies at they christening
So you better grab your pistol
'Cause if you sit still, I'm gonna make your fucking shit spill
And I'm talking 'bout buckets, why did I have to do it?
Sadat said fuck it, you got a gun, nigga bust it