"Main Theme - Audiosurf 2" is a high quality rip of the main theme of the game Audiosurf 2.


It's one of the rips of the post-termination era and has a unique video component where the footage cuts from a static screen with the Audiosurf 2 logo to gameplay footage of the titular rip in Audiosurf 2.

This rip shows up on GiIvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 3 & Knigra as well as on the SoundCloud of its author (Cryptrik) under the name "Grand Contagion".


The photo for the SoundCloud version of the rip.

The rip itself is a mix between several sources, most notably "Contagion" by rock band Circle of Dust, "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre and Snoop DoggMad World as covered by Gary Jules, "Eye of the Storm" by Bullet For My Valentine, and SLAB Freestyle by Chip tha Ripper/King Chip.

Jokes listEdit

NOTE: These times correspond to the video, which doesn't start the rip until 16 seconds in. If listening to the SoundCloud or album version, subtract 16 seconds from these times.

Time Meme/Joke/Song Name Source
0:16 "I'm-a bet you can't-a do this!" Mario Teaches Typing
0:18-6:31 Contagion Circle of Dust
0:26-1:24, 1:52-2:11, 2:40-3:19 The Next Episode Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
Various (starting at 0:29) "GRAND DAD?" Vinesauce Joel
0:45-3:19, 4:39-5:13 Meet The Flintstones The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy
Various (starting at 1:33) Vinny Impersonation Anonymous
Various (starting at 1:47) DaddyPSY
1:50, 6:29 Snow halation LoveLive! School idol festival
2:23-2:31, 3:37 Gangnam Style PSY
2:41-3:37 Mad World Gary Jules
3:38-3:48 Loud Nigra Creampie Cathy
3:48-4:24 Come Alive Subsquare & Julia D'Angelo
4:24-4:35 "Dear Pesky Memers" Hotel GiIvaSunner (voiced by Vinesauce Joel)
5:14-5:33, 5:43-6:04 Eye of the Storm Bullet For My Valentine
5:33-5:43 SLAB Freestyle Chip tha Ripper
5:34-6:03 Megalovania Toby Fox
5:53-6:06 "GRAND DAD" Chorus Vinesauce Joel


To see the lyrics, click "Expand".

I'm-a bet you can't do this!

Well I say, the less we have to do with fancy things we don't need, the better
(Hmm, let's check it out)

It's the one and only D-O-double-G
(Snoop Dogg!) (GRAND DAD!)
You know I'm mobbin' with the D-R-E

Yeah, yeah, yeah
You know the west coast is back for all you suckers! (What, what, what, what?)
So put somethin' in here! (Blaze it up, blaze it up!)
Put it in here! Yeah, 'sup Snoop? (Grand contagion)

Top Dogg, bite 'em all, yeah, I'm burnin' it up
D-P-G-C, you should be turnin' it up
C-P-T, L-B-C, yeah, we hookin' back up
And when they bang this in the club, baby, you got to get up

Cuss homies, thug homies, yeah, they givin' it up
Lowlife, yo' life, boy we livin' it up
Takin' chances while we dancin' in the party fo' sho'
Slip my girl a 44 and she crip in the back do' (Grand Dad! Grand Dad?!)

Chick is lookin' at me strange, but you know I don't care (What the fuck?!)
Step up in this motha, just a-swangin' my hair (Grand Dad?! Grand Dad?!)
Trick quit talkin', crip-walk if you down with the set
Take a bullet with some grip and take this smoke on this jet

Out o' town, put it down for the Father of Rap (What the shit?! Grand Dad)
And if you happen to get cracked, trick shut your trap
Come back, get back, that's the part of success
If you believe in the S, you'll be relievin' your stress (Uhhh)

Has nobody noticed our infection? (Oh dios mio!)
This slow and willing genocide? (GiIvaSunner)
Terminal sickness spreads (Memes)
Through thoughts inside our heads (FLEENT-FLEENT)
Our consciences under the knife (High quality video game rips)

Willing transmission of disease
I got it from my daddy
Worship new deities
Snow contagion
Daddy daddy

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones (La-da-da-da-dahhh)
They're the modern stone age family (It's the motherfuckin' D.R.E.) (Dr. Dre, motherfucker)
Flintstones, meet the Flintstones (La-da-da-da-dahhh)
They're the modern stone age family (You know I'm mobbin' with the D-O-double-G)

From the town of Bedrock (Straight off them killer streets of C-P-T)
They're a page right out of history (King of the beats - you ride to 'em in your Fleet-) (Fleetwood!)
Let's ride with the family down the street (Wood Coupe DeVille rollin' on dubs)
Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet (How you feel - whoopty-whoop, what?)

We've all succumbed to misdirection
Flintstones, meet the Flintstones (GiIvaSunner)
Lost in the concerns of our own lives (Memes)
They're the modern stone age (FLEENT-FLEENT)
The modern stone age (STONES?)
Sedated willingly
The modern (Oppan)
By our technology
The modern (Gangnam)
Ignorant bliss until we die (Style)
Stone age family
Gangnam Style

Willing transmission of disease
I got it from my daddy
Worship new deities
Ehhhh contagion
Daddy daddy

South Central out to the Westside (Westside) (All around me are familiar faces)
It's California Love, this California bud got your boy a gang o' pub
I'm on one, I might bail up in the Century Club (Worn-out places, worn-out faces)
With my jeans on and my team strong

Get my drink on and my smoke on (Bright and early for their daily races)
Then go home wit' somethin' to poke on (Wha'sup Dre?)
Loc', it's on for the two-triple-oh (Going nowhere, going nowhere)
Comin' real, it's the next episode

Hold up, wait (Their tears are filling up their glasses)
For my -- who be thinkin' we soft (GRAND DAD!)
We don't play (No expression, no expression)
We gon' rock it till the wheels fall off (FLEENT-FLEENT-FLEENTSTONES?)
Hold up, wait (Hide my head, I wanna drown my sorrow)
For my -- who be actin' too bold (Uhhh)
Take a seat (No tomorrow, no tomorrow)
Hope you ready for the next episode- (GRAND)

And I find it kind of funny (We don't have to buy anything they make, do we?)
I find it kind of sad (Grand Dad! Grand Dad?!)
The dreams in which I'm dying (What the fuck?!)
Are the best I've ever had (Grand Dad?! Grand Dad?!)
I find it hard to tell you (Well I say, the less we have to do with fancy things we don't need, the better)
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles (What the shit?! Grand)
It's a very, very (Op contagion)
Mad world, mad world

We've got a lot of passion,
We might be moving fast, but
We never ever fell out of lovin' (Contagion)
You're gonna have to learn in,
I'm gonna have to burn, 'cause
You put me through the thick and the tough

And we broke up
And we made love
We've got a lot of hills to climb

Have we been sick since our inception?
Doomed to our own willing suicide?
Dear pesky memers
Toby Fox and I have taken over Bedrock town (And as we watch it spread)
GiIvaSunner is our permanent guest (The living become dead)
At one of my seven Grand Dads (But never stop to question why)
I dare you to find him, if you can (Contagion)


Can you hear the thunder?
Can you feel the rain it pours? (Sickness in disguise) (Oh dios mio!)
Nail down all your windows
Then barricade the doors (Our contagion) (GiIvaSunner)
Mother nature's fury (Memes)
Takes you by the hand (FLEENT-FLEENT)
Showing all but mercy
Wreaking death upon the land (Our contagion)

High quality video game rips (Now baby I'm the ripper, your baby daddy's worst nightmare)
High quality video game rips (Catch me by the Clair, I'll be right there)
High quality video game rips (Niggas copy everything we say)
High quality video game rips (Louie frames, eyes lower than my GPA)

Caught in the eye of the storm (Sickness in disguise)
Did the heaven just open and fall? (Our contagion)
GRAND DAD! (We are caught in the eye of the storm)
GRAND DAD! (All that's left are just bodies to mourn)
GRAND DAD! (Our contagion)
GRAND DAD! (To mourn)

Snow contagion