"Main Theme- Pac-Man" (formerly known as Treacherous Addiction [Episode 9] - The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis) is a high quality rip of the main theme of Pac-Man.The rip was originally a fake episode of The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis, however after "Timbre of a Kazoo", was released, the video was removed from the CCC playlist and renamed.

Jokes Edit

The rip begins in the Rapper's Union hideout with Smol Nozomi and Meta Knight, then a transition filled with static moves the scene to a parody of the video "Here Comes Pacman". This parody, which stars "woodsans" and Gaijin Goomba, contains the instrumental for the panned Gaijin Goomba video "Goomba Got Back". In this parody, Pacman smokes Christmas Spirit instead of crack cocaine.

After a short freeze-frame with a "To be continued arrow", the rip shows a slowed-down "Here Comes Pacman" for the rest of the rip.

Transcript Edit

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Meanwhile, in the Rapper's Union hideout...


Gaijin goomba and woodsans were in there [sic] basement and everything was perfectly fine.
until an friendly visit,......

["Goomba Got Back" instrumental plays]
Gaijin Goombao shit here come pacman.
Pac-Manyo yo yoyo yooooo what it is motherfuckers????
Gaijin Goombakonnichiwa pacman-chan-kun-sama, what's up?
Pac-ManME you bitches, im high on CRACK.
Pac-ManWanna free base?
Gaijin Goombano pacman, DRUGS are BAAEDDDD!
Gaijin GoombaAnd also forbiddein in Nihon (Jappan).
Woodsansnope, cant help you man.
[Pac Man theme from "Mope" plays as Pac Man spins around]
Sadly, Pacman was not smoeking crack, but...
Christmas spirit.

[Freeze-frame as an 8-bit rendition of "Roundabout" by Yes plays with a JoJo "To be continued arrow"]

[Slowed-down audio from "Here Comes Pacman" plays for the rest of the rip.]

Trivia Edit

  • The rip may be a reference to VvvvvaVvvvvvr, a parody channel of SiIvaGunner that frequently incorporates Pacman Smoking Crack and Gaijin Goomba as jokes.
  • At 0:04 (when the static appears), a frame appears where Nozomi and Meta Knight are replaced with Ayin Barshem/Cobray Gordon and Euzeth Gozzo respectively, characters from the Super Robot Wars series, which received frequent rips during the initial Christmas Comeback Crisis. Euzeth can be seen saying "It's me Austin," but the chances of this referencing Cobray or Euzeth are highly unlikely.
  • Bloodhound Gang, the band behind "Mope" (the audio source for "Here Comes Pacman"), is credited as the composer.
  • In the parody, a poster depicting Nishikino Maki from Love Live! with the phrase "I love Shonic" can be seen behind Pacman
    • A photo of Wood Man taking a selfie next to an anime girl during Episode 8 can be seen behind "woodsans".

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