Main Theme - The Loud House: The Game was a high quality rip of Main Theme by Michelle Lewis, Doug Rockwell, Chris Savino from the totally not fake The Loud House: The Game for Wii U, PS4, PC.

Jokes Edit

This rip is basically the intro to the Nickelodeon cartoon show The Loud House, with a couple meme samples added onto it. Loud Nigra's scream (or the Howie Scream?) is sampled to replicate the melody, and also replaces the girls shouting near the intro's end. The words "In the Nutshack" sampled from the eponymous cartoon's intro are overlaid on top of "In the Loud House". Angry Joe's "FOUR HOURS!" scream replaces Lily's "poopoo" at the end of the intro.

Instead of a static logo, the rip is accompanied by a video which is just The Loud House intro video, with the characters' heads replaced by the heads of SiIvaGunner memes. The final title card of the show is also changed: the Nickelodeon logo is removed, "The Loud House" logo is replaced by a similarly styled "The Loud Nigra", and "Created by Chris Savino" replaced by "Created by SiIvaGunner". Less noticeable additions include the text on Luna's amp being changed to "todokete", and a Space Jam logo pasted on a book's cover near the TV remote.

Characters Edit

Here's how the characters from the original intro to The Loud House correspond to their SiIvaGunner meme analogues:

Trivia Edit

  • This rip has been blocked by Viacom on copyright grounds sometime before Feb 24, 2017[2].
  • This rip was "previewed" in Circus (Loud Mix) - Five Nights at Freddy's. In a creepy twist, it managed to predict this rip's takedown by Viacom.

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