"Main Theme - Undertale 2" is a high quality rip of the main theme from the game Undertale 2.

Jokes Edit

The rip is a reference to a minor YouTube meme in which an "bass-boosted" version of the song "Baby I'm Yours feat. Irfane" by Breakbot plays while something shocking happens.

The rip begins with a vlog of Young Thug in a wheel chair being taken through an airport and the normal version of "Baby I'm Yours" playing in the background. At 0:15, the visuals become red-tinted and the video switches to a clip of another black man in a hoodie doing tricks on a wheelchair, while the background music gets volume-boosted and bass-boosted. At the 0:28 mark, a picture of an unknown white man with glasses appears, and the image of him stretches and brightens, with the Undertale 2 logo fading in at the bottom of the screen afterward.

References Edit

  1. "toonlink's Rips" playlist on toonlink's Youtube channel.