"Main Theme - e" is a high quality rip of "Main Theme" from the game e.

Jokes Edit

E smooth e

The rip's background image.

The rip is actually a reference to James Grime's video "e (Euler's Number)"[1] on the Numberphile YouTube channel.

The background image is the one for WarioWare: Smooth Moves, but edited to only read "e™: Smooth e".

The rip starts with "Smooth" but immediately cuts to silence, only playing parts with the sound "e". At 0:35, autotuned voice clips of James Grim from its "e" video play over "Smooth"'s instrumental.

Lyrics Edit

We're gonna talk about e
The big famous constant e
Okay it's one
The famous constant e
Important, goes along with pi
Golden ratio

And square root of two
Constants in maths
That are the most important constant constant constants in maths
And e is one of those constants, so e is equal to
2.7182828, something

Trivia Edit

  • The video referenced in the rip was originally only titled "e", which - coupled with the big "e" on the thumbnail - led to some variations of the Revolver Ocelot meme.

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References Edit

  1. "e (Euler's Number) - Numberphile" on YouTube