Megalovania (Beta Mix) - EarthBound Halloween Hack is a hint at the reboot arc of the channel SilvaGunner.

It is not a rip, but actually a video featuring Chad Warden: a sequel to the Megalovania (OST Version) - Undertale video.

Content Edit

The video starts with 20 seconds of Megalovania. Then it turns out to be a YouTube Poop of Chad Warden's videos. Chad Warden talks again about SiIvaGunner's fanbase. He tells people to think about it before dislike-bombing.

The video uses a clip from Jackie Chan Adventures at the end, with the uncle saying "One More Thing!".

Transcript Edit

Sup baby, it's chad warden. C-Wizzy, Chad Daddy, aight, go by many different names, the Big Papi. Chad Warden, Chad Warden's been lookin at the SilvaGunner fanboys again aight. I talked about how dislike bombing Snow Halation rips was a double standard in my last video, and since then, most of ya'll niggas have been BALLIN and AQAP. Nice.

But, c'mon now, we still got a bunch a niggas tryin to talk shit. You know what, it's okAYYY if you don't like Snow Halation, nigga, I don't even care. But dislike-bombing videos ain't baller aight. It ruins the surprise for others.

Y'know what, see this shit? This shit needs to stop aight. This sets a negative precedent for quality rips and I dunno about chu but that hate movement ain't baller. Imagine if Flintstones remixes got like 600 dislike bombs. That shit ain't fair.

If ya'll niggas wanna skip a snow rip, just look at the fuckin comments you illegal mexican toilet nigga. Shit. I didn't die for this. I know that this can't stop all the dislike bombs but, at least think about what you're doing. Aight. And y'know what, Silvagunner's gonna make Snow rips, dislike bombs or not.

[Uncle Chan] ONE MOOOOOOOOORE THING. Snow halation was a part of Silvagunner since February.

[Uncle Chan] ONE MOOOOOOOOORE THING. Flintstones was always forced to begin with, that's the whole point of SilvaGunner,


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