"Megalovania (PS4 Version) - Undertale" is a high quality rip of "Megalovania" from the game Undertale.

Jokes Edit

The rip begins by playing the original audio from "Megalovania". At 0:08, the rip changes to "We Fly High" by Jim Jones with the overdriven guitar instrument from the beginning of the rip playing along with the melody. At 2:48, the song begins to fade out and the WiseGuy text-to-speech voice (presumably SlivaGunner) says "Hey Chad Warden, what's going on here?". Chad Warden responds with "Die, bitch", and then four gunshots are played. It's inferred that Chad shot and killed SiIvaGunner. Then Chad says "Shut the hell up, nigga."

This is a reference to Chad Warden's "Snow halation" rants found in the rips "Megalovania (OST Version) - Undertale" and "Megalovania (Beta Mix) - EarthBound Halloween Hack", The two rips that arguably were the start of SiIvaGunner: Rebooted also known as The Reboot. All three rips start off by playing "Megalovania" and then quickly turn into "We Fly High" with this rip playing through the whole track while the other two cut to Chad Warden talking about Snow halation.

This also a continuation of the alternate ending created by the video "Fly High, No Lies ~Genocide Ending~ - SilvaGunner: Rebooted" in which Chad kills The Voice Inside Your Head and takes over the channel. He most likely killed SiIvaGunner to make sure there was no conflict over who would be the host of the channel. This video was also uploaded the same day as "Fly High, No Lies ~Genocide Ending~ - SilvaGunner: Rebooted".

Trivia Edit

  • This rip (excluding the ending) was released on Volume 3 & Knigra but wasn't uploaded to the channel until over a year later.

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