"Melody of the Heart ~True Ending~ - SilvaGunner: Rebooted" is the final video of the SilvaGunner: Rebooted and the end of the event.

The video was used to announce the album GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume FOUR HOURS!.

Plot Edit

The video is a follow up to "A Grand New Era ~Ending~". After the merging of the two universes, Chad feels the "feeling of making a high quality rip" and realizes that "Snow halation" represents the spirit of making rips, being an important part of SiIvaGunner.

After a speech about giving support to things that one enjoys (with the instrumental version of "Snow halation" playing in the background), Chad presses the MF LIKE BUTTON, bringing "Snow halation" back to the channel. Due to the phenomenal power contained within the MF LIKE BUTTON, The Voice Inside Your Head is destroyed, yelling the Howie scream. Chad also does not survive the usage of the MF LIKE BUTTON, and is ultimately killed, saying, "PS Vita... I'm coming to see you" as he dies. The quote is a reference to "Main Theme - Sony E3 Conference 2016", where the PS Vita's death is mourned.

History Edit

The video was originally the subject of one of the Reboot ARGs. At the end of the ARG, the viewer was treated to a link to the video, which had not yet been released.

Video description Edit
(You know it by now; don't buy the album; all profits go to charity and free download credits)






Transcript Edit

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The Voice Inside Your Head"Don't be sad, Chad. After all, we have created the perfect utopia for SiIvaGunner. No more snow, no more discourse. Just a grand, gay old time, and high quality rips. You can rule by my side, Chad. We can be the ultimate Grand Dads. We shall usher SiIvaGunner into a new high quality era. Come now, Chad. We have much work to do."

Chad Warden"...aight."

[sleigh bells]

The Voice"Wait... what's that sound?"

[sleigh bells]

Chad"The feeling of making a high quality rip."

["Snow halation" begins to play]

Chad"The feeling of being around the ones you love. The feeling of doing what you do, not to appease anyone, but cause you love doing it. True emotion, pure-hearted devotion. The melody of the heart. What is this feeling called?"

The Voice"Chad, excuse me?"

Chad"It's called Snow halation! Snow halation represents everything beautiful about love. It has united people all over the world. Whether through tens of thousands of people in a stadium, lighting up the arena with their glowsticks as one... Through remix after remix by many different fans... ...or through a bunch of people having fun on a YouTube channel."

The Voice"What's going on?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Chad"Snow halation is that special feeling you get when you've finally expressed yourself. It's a song about pure love. It has always been an important part of SiIvaGunner, and in a way, represents what they're all about. Doing what you love out of your OWN heart, not anybody else's. Aight? SiIvaGunner doesn't owe anyone anything, and nothing you do can ever change that. I KNOW the real SiIvaGunner, not your illegal lil bitch, would agree with me! Aight?"


Chad"The Gay-Mexican-Ass In My Ass, I think you're forgetting about a little something."

The Voice"No way... is that...!!"

Chad"That's right nigga, it's the MF LIKE BUTTON! You know what? You taught me something, Voice. People can hate something if they want to. There's always going to be hatred and fighting. It's human nature. But that sure as HELL ain't gonna stop SiIvaGunner from making and posting whatever they want, ...however they want! Hatred AIN'T SHIT to SiIvaGunner and means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to them. And while I can't stop hate, I can sure as HELL encouage love. The MF LIKE BUTTON is an expression of love, just like Snow halation. So... anybody out there. If you hear a rip you love, you can use the MF LIKE BUTTON. Don't even to [sic] listen to a bunch of bitch-ass niggas tryna talk shit. Express your love, and don't let ANYBODY stop you!"

The Voice!Damnit! Can't you see this is the ideal world for SiIvaGunner?! A world directed by the fans! I even sent JustinRPG to your world so I could devastate it quicker! And now you're using the MF LIKE BUTTON?! You IDIOT!! YOU AND I CAN'T HANDLE THAT SORT OF POWER!!

Chad...I know. It's real nigra hours. SUPER SMASH DAT MOTHERFUCKIN LIKE BUTTON!

["Snow halation" vocals play]


ChadSo... ...this is the power of the MF LIKE BUTTON...? ...not bad. ...not bad at all. ...PS Vita... ...I'm coming to see you.

Trivia Edit

  • The rip's title is a direct reference to "Melody of the Heart", the Love Live! episode in which "Snow halation" is sung.
  • The opening dialogue is slightly different from "A Grand New Era", with The Voice's dialogue being compressed into one long speech, and Chad's dialogue having his reluctance (a sigh and "It's not the same") omitted.
  • The opening instrumental is played by a band of 4chan users called Orchestr/a/. The original video is "Orchestr/a/ plays: Snow Halation (Love Live!)"
    • Interestingly, this video was uploaded exactly a month after Orchestr/a/'s cover.

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