Mr. Krabs is a character from SpongeBob: SquarePants[1]. He is a minor meme on the SiIvaGunner channel.

Related memes Edit

Mr Krabs is used in two different memes:

  • OH YEAH MR KRABS: Originating from a 5 second short 2009 YouTube video by user NKassad[2], it shows a man playing with a Mr. Krabs figure from a SpongeBob Squarepants: Game Of Life board game, saying the title of the video followed by an incredibly loud and saturated scream. It is used as a surprise "ear rape" in a similar way to Loud Nigra or Green de la Bean.
  • Beep! Bop!: Also known as "Could you play that song again?", it is a scene from "Krab-Borg", the 9th episode of the 3rd season of SpongBob SquarePants. In this scene, Mr. Krabs calls a radio DJ and asks him to replay a song he just heard (a techno song called "Electric Zoo"). Unable to remember the title, he tries to recreate it with a series of robotic "Beep!" and "Bop!". The dialogue between the DJ and Mr. Krabs is sometimes used to introduce a rip, and is often followed by the "Beep! Bop!" remixed to the rhythm of the rip.

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References Edit

  1. "Eugene H. Krabs" on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia
  2. "OH YEAH MR KRABS ! ( the original ! )" by NKassad on YouTube

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