Never Gonna Give You Up is a 1987 hit song, written and produced by Stock Aitken Waterman, and performed by the English pop singer Rick Astley. Its genre has been described as dance pop and blue-eyed soul. It's considered Astley's signature song.

History Edit

In 2007, the song became a meme on the 4chan imageboard under the name of "Rickroll" or "Rick Roll" (a portmanteau of Rick Astley and an older 4chan meme "Duckroll"). Like Duckroll, Rickroll was a bait-and-switch trolling meme: one would post a link that purportedly lead to something interesting or sensational but would instead redirect to a Never Gonna Give You Up music video. In 2008, about a year after its conception, the meme became so widespread that it went mainstream, with major news outlets and celebrities arriving late to the party.

Rips Edit

As the bait-and-switch nature of the Rickroll meme is somewhat similar to that of high quality rips, it was only natural that SiIvaGunner paid homage to his famous predecessor. However, Never Gonna Give You Up never became more than a minor meme on the channel, since SiIva prefers to either create his own memes or use SoundCloud-specific ones, rather than mainstream memes like Rickroll. Never Gonna Give You Up can usually be found in medley rips, but it has also been featured as the main rip joke a few times.

Appearances in rips Edit

Solo rips Edit

Medley rips Edit

Links Edit

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